In Honor Of Gay Marriage Being Almost Legal, ‘Vegas Hustle’ Ends With An Accidental Drunken Vegas Wedding

Seth Santoro is gay-married in real life, but in the final episode of NakedSword’s Vegas Hustle, he plays a single dude just trying to hook up on Hustlaball Weekend in Las Vegas. And hook up he does with hungry bottom Brandon Moore after a wild night of partying, and… getting married Britney Spears-style completely blackout drunk.

That’s the premise of today’s scene, and it coincides nicely with the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on the topic of federally legalizing gay marriage across all 50 states — and, in Nevada, getting legally married even in one of those wedding chapels only became legal for us homos in October.

And before I forget, there’s one more day to enter this sweepstakes (for free!) where you could win a trip for two to HustlaBall Vegas (next January), including airfare, hotel and VIP party entry, courtesy of NakedSword and Rentboy — where, by the way, you can find Seth Santoro escorting!

Now, here’s some exclusive behind-the-scenes action featuring Brandon Moore doing a little twerking while director mr. Pam shoots some stills.

Then they show off their rings and fight over who’s the bride.


Now a little glimpse at the scene itself. And seriously, Brandon Moore might just win Bottom of the Year at this rate.






















[NakedSword: Vegas Hustle, Ep. 4]


5 thoughts on “In Honor Of Gay Marriage Being Almost Legal, ‘Vegas Hustle’ Ends With An Accidental Drunken Vegas Wedding”

    1. The votes of the SCOTUS are always split on this topic, if past records are an indication it should end 5-4 in favour unless Kennedy flips sides suddenly.

      Brandon is sooooo cute and slutty, my favourite combination!

    2. Marriage equality needs five votes. It almost certainly has: Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan. Kennedy’s vote is less certain, but given his past votes in favor of LBGT equality, he may be the fifth vote needed. Another concern is the age and health of Ginsburg and Kennedy. I think they are both around 80 and like the rest of us, mortal.

      1. It’s amazing that as old and fat as Scalia is (he’s 79) he hasn’t dropped dead yet. But then again evil always lives on longer than good. I’m hoping that Ginsberg decides to retire while Obama still has a chance to replace her with someone far more progressive. Same goes for Kennedy. But I have a feeling that a Democrat will still be elected in 2016, and the SCOTUS will become predominately liberal for awhile, if not from now on!

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