In Latest Move to Jump-Start the Brand, TitanMen Partners With Kristen Bjorn

On the heels of TitanMen signing a gaggle of new exclusives, including, most recently, David Benjamin, TitanMen announced a content partnership this week with iconic European studio Kristen Bjorn.

Or, rather, it’s “a strategic alliance involving the sharing of content between the two iconic gay porn brands.” Starting next week, both and will feature the other studio’s content on each of their member sites.

Says TitanMen VP Keith Webb, “I came out to Kristen Bjorn films, they helped form my vision of what gay sex looked like, and left an indelible mark on my sexuality. We are so happy and proud to be able to share Kristen Bjorn’s amazing content with our members.”

Kristen Bjorn members will first see Titan’s After Hours, and Titan members will see Kristen Bjorn’s First Time Part 1 featuring Jake Genesis (remember him?) and Mike Colucci.

In related news, the XBiz Awards nominations are out (you have to scroll ALL the way down to find the gay stuff), and Titan received nominations in every category. As did every other studio. Just like the Grabbys.

4 thoughts on “In Latest Move to Jump-Start the Brand, TitanMen Partners With Kristen Bjorn”

  1. Considering Titan’s stance on bareback porn and trying to make a point, sometimes unsuccessful, in not hiring models that have previously done bareback porn, is this partnership even a good idea since all Kristen Bjorn produces these days is bareback porn?

    I mean obviously Titan will probably feature the condom-only porn, but eventually that content will run out and they’re going to have to come up with that issue sooner or later.

    1. I suspect this is a sneaky gutless way for Titan to relenquish the no-bareback stance. I would not be remotely surprised if Titan does start doing raw scenes. They signed Dallas Steele–who is exclusively raw fucking in his private life (and they made him flush his Tumblr with the video proof), and it would not surprise me if David was signed for an upcoming bare scene–he does to have quite a few skin-only porn models as real world friends…

    2. I have yet to figure out exactly how the studios have been background-screening the talent for that policy. Like Marc Dylan all over again.

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