In “Stud Fuckers,” Studs Tommy Defendi And Angelo Marconi Fuck

I posted the stills of Tommy Defendi in Stud Fuckers last month, and now, the video. Hardcore preview of your boyfriend and mine (but more mine) pounding Angelo Marconi below.

Watch the full scene here, or the whole DVD (which also stars Colby Keller and Chris Porter) here.


[Tommy Defendi Fucks Angelo Marconi]

11 thoughts on “In “Stud Fuckers,” Studs Tommy Defendi And Angelo Marconi Fuck”

  1. luv marconi’s skin colour, hios fat sexy meaty ass and his delightful ora skills, he is indeed the star of the whole thing, why on earth does get always get paired with bores lately?

  2. indeed, marconi is THE star of the whole thing defendi can’t even kiss a man, marconi is without doubt one of the hottest bottoms in the biz and he can suck dick like the best, a dream boy in my pornotheque

  3. okay, enough tommy d…please, you overdid it with psuedo dillusional rapper-wanna be chris porter, and now you’re going to tire us with tommy d. he’s not all that.

    1. That makes no sense. If Chris Porter were pseudo-delusional, he’d be pretending he believes things that are not true. And if he were a pseudo-rapper, he’d be pretending to rap. And while I take issue with him co-opting some of the misogynistic language of hip-hop proper, he actually seems to be rapping. #useyourwords

      Back to Tommy Defendi — Zach, you and I may have to wrestle over custody of that man.

  4. I love Tommy’s huge cock! I just wish he would manscape around the balls, taint and hole a little bit.

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