incestous naked brothers mushrooms

Incestous Brothers & Those Magic Mushrooms

When you’re naked and in a “passionate make out session” with your brother outside an apartment complex, what could possibly go wrong?

The NYDailyNews summed it up, “two drug-crazed, stark naked brothers were arrested on a laundry list of charges after they punched a woman in the face when she opposed to their passionate make-out session outside an apartment complex in Indianapolis on Sunday, officials said.”

Timothy Batz, 21, and his older brother, Noah, 24 were completely nude when an assistant manager at the Lighthouse Landings Apartments spotted them “passionately making out” near a dumpster, according to WISH-TV.

They add the brothers face charges including “battery resulting in injury, disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement, intimidation, public indecency, criminal mischief, obscene performance, incest, attempted auto theft and unlawful entry of a motor vehicle.

Of course, news of scandalous brothers is nothing new here.
incestous naked brothers mushroomsThere’s’s nine-part “Not Brothers Yet”.

Then there’s NextDoorStudios where a search with of word “brother”
incestous naked brothers mushrooms…produces 43 scenes on three pages of results

incestous naked brothers mushroomsNot to mention the Mangiatti’s, the Russo’s, and especially Milo and Elijah Peters engaging in out and out gay twincest.

And if we’ve learned nothing in GayPornLandia, we know that if you don’t have a male sibling, cousins will do.

[Watch Colton Grey & Jacob Peterson in “Secrets & Lies” scene two from NakedSword Originals & Rock Candy Films]

So, there’s only two things left to say at this point; Oh Brother and TGIF!

5 thoughts on “Incestous Brothers & Those Magic Mushrooms”

  1. Myopinionsaretheonlyopinions

    Who smokes mushrooms? Bet their parents just got a cold dose of reality on why their two “single” sons insisted on getting an apartment.

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