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Diesel Washington Has Something to Say: Being Infamous

“I was criticized by two bareback performers who can’t get any more work. I’ve been called a sell-out. An Uncle Tom. That I’m ‘white-boy crazy.’ But I don’t just perform. I represent.” ~Diesel Washington

Most people talk shit because they are full of it to begin with. When they are talking shit about Diesel Washington, they are going to hear it back ten ways to Sunday.

On this Tuesday, however, we’re all going to hear directly from the man himself. as when it comes to being infamous, Diesel Washington Has Something to Say

“I don’t go drama without it being warranted from a racist models, studios who mistreat their performers, or people online disrespecting my industry or community. If that makes me infamous …”

Diesel Washington’s brutal honesty made him infamous while being a brutal top brought him fame. That all is about to come full circle.
See you here tomorrow for the premiere of Diesel Washington and Tyler Rush in “Fuck You I’m Infamous” from NakedSword Originals. As for Tyler Rush, he may have begun the scene as a good boy, but he ends it with a sore ass, an aching jaw, and a big taste of infamy.


Hear what else Diesel Washington has to say about; the 2016 Grabbys, internet trolls, overzealous bareback performers, ‘Gay 4 Pay’ models, begging porn stars, and lack of diversity in gay porn.

“I Have Something To Say” is a feature at The Sword offering those in the adult industry a public platform to express what’s on their minds.

If you are in the adult industry and have something to say,
gay 4 pay modelswe’d like to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Diesel Washington Has Something to Say: Being Infamous”

  1. This asshole really thinks people look at him as a “role model ” yeah as a FUCKING ASSHOLE .
    “My industry “what is he a DOCTOR ?
    He really thinks he is important walking around with a backpack on in every post , because he lives out of it … takes the China town bus from city to city selling his body for week money #TRAGIC

  2. His movies are boring to me because he NEVER BOTTOMS! Why is Diesel always a top in his movies? Is it his choice or what such bullshit! I think he is a good looking guy but I think he needs to add to his career.

        1. You bareback and have HIV. Glad you’re proud of that. Being HIV+ is nothing to be ashamed of. But people who are HIV+ and then are also “YAY Bareback” disgust me.

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