Aaron Carter

Instagram Isn’t Deleting Aaron Carter’s Nudes

Like many social media platforms, Instagram is known for being a little bitch when it comes to mild sexual content. We’ve all seen our favorite hunks get their posts or accounts deleted for basically no reason.

Post a censored nude? Shared your blurred-out hole? Show a little too much skin? You’re gone! Deleted! Banned!

So imagine our surprise when we logged in this morning and saw that Instagram still hadn’t deleted Aaron Carter’s latest post! The former child star can be seen in the new photo wearing some white leggings while exposing the top of his crotch and giving fans a sneak peek of his OnlyFans content.

This gives us a pretty full view of his trimmed-down pubes and even a glance at his crotch cleavage! The base of this man’s dick and balls are in full view – so why Instagram keeps deleting everyone’s posts except this man’s is a severe mystery to us!


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A post shared by Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)

Now, we’re not saying that this post should get deleted. Instagram needs to be more lax with their nudity rules in general, but if the platform is going to delete and shadowban countless queer content creators, then why should this celebrity get a pass to post nudes?! It doesn’t seem fair that he gets to keep his junk photos up if others are getting shunned for the exact same thing.

We’re sure that this post will eventually get deleted, but as I write this, it’s been up for almost 24 hours. I’ve personally had stuff taken down within the hour, so it’s wild that this nude is still allowed to be viewed on the platform.

Here’s a screenshot of the post in case Instagram actually does its job and decides to take it down:

Aaron Carter

So what do you think? Is this a hot picture? Would you bang Aaron? Have you ever had a post get deleted for being too sexy? Sound off below in the comments!


Looks like Aaron went private on Instagram! Since we don’t follow him anymore, looks like we’ll have to wait to see if this post ever actually got deleted!


12 thoughts on “Instagram Isn’t Deleting Aaron Carter’s Nudes”

  1. Matthew Bredikhin from burton

    I only paid for his onlyfans because he’s dead. It is very kinky I like it. I have always been a fan but now he’s passed away it’s like a sexy ghost onlyfans.

  2. Other than the fact he mentions Conor McGregor, it’s an okay picture of him I guess. He’s showing his progress in himself to getting fit and so what about the rest? I just wanna see him get better for himself.

    1. Matthew Bredikhin from burton

      Disgusting pig to speak ill of him. He was a hero and now he’s dead. I hope u r proud of ya self

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