What Did Jack Harrer & Darius Ferdynand Do To Give Kevin Warhol Wood?

Kevin Warhol wanted to see something special. What he got was something that made even this porn star to re-adjust his dick. Or as we call it at NakedSword: the Jack Harrer and Darius Ferdynand effect.

The changing profile of Kevin Warhol’s sweatpants is part of this previously unseen, on-set footage with BelAmi exclusive Jark Harrer and Darius Ferdynand’s from their scene in “International Playboys”. They premiered Wednesday from NakedSword Originals. Kevin was just along for the ride but clearly, he enjoyed the show as much as the rest of us.

For our full review and more images, right this way, otherwise celebrate the fact that unlike on our YouTube channel, here at The Sword we can actually show what gave Kevin that boner

[Watch Darius Ferdynand and Jack Harrer in “Making Love in London” from “International Playboys”]

To complete your tour … there’s even of these fine men at the Netflix of Gay Porn, NakedSword

[Visit the Darius Ferdynand Theater] [Visit the Jack Harrer Theater]

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