gay porn star taylor briggs

Introducing Taylor Briggs

Check out this hottie. Handsome, built, untrimmed natural fur, thick where it counts … and just wait until you see the backfield.

NextDoorStudios just introduced a new hunk to the fold: Taylor Briggs.

He’s a 29-year-old who counts working out and staying fit at the top on his top list of hobbies.

He’s also an army veteran – thank you, Taylor for your service.

Taylor got into porn to help pay the bills for acting school.

gay porn star taylor briggsAnd it shows … he plays the camera like a fiddle … and has plenty to play with.

gay porn star taylor briggs“Weirdest place I had sex? I was 17 and was working as a busboy at a restaurant. I had sex with one of the managers in the janitors’ closet.”

gay porn star taylor briggs“What doesn’t get me in the mood? But what really does it for me, I like a nice big ass.”

gay porn star taylor briggs“I get horny in my sleep.”

gay porn star taylor briggs“When I am home alone, I think of myself as having a hot threesome.”

gay porn star taylor briggsNo mention of whether he’ll be back … but three words come to mind: I hope so.

[Watch Taylor Briggs at NextDoorStudios]


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