Iphone app for promiscuous whores supports marriage equality

Because who better to lend their support to the fight for equal rights and gay marriage than the company who designed that thing you used to find someone to suck your cock the other night?

With more than 3 million users, Grindr, the premier all male geo-social network app, is announcing the use of their location-based technology to bring together a global community through Grindr for Equality, a social movement to raise awareness for GLBT issues and spur action across the globe.

“There is strength in numbers and Grindr for Equality will enable our users to use our platform for the greater good of our community,” said Joel Simkhai, Founder and CEO.


Oh, there is more:

“In today’s world, the power of social networks and location-based mobile technologies are playing a major role in political change and social awareness.  We want to continue that momentum and get more people involved. We’re asking people to sign up, send us submissions regarding issues they care about and become advocates for the GLBT community.”


Grindr is looking to continue their involvement in the political process by tapping in to their engaged community in order to receive regular updates on GLBT issues on a local, national and international scale. In addition to submitting information regarding the GLBT community, Grindr is continuing to search for on-the-ground activists around the world to send regular updates on gay rights in their area. Grindr for Equality has already received more than 3,700 responses from across the globe.  These tips will assist in figuring out ways to use the vast user network and geo-targeting technology to mobilize the GLBT community.

Just look at all of these men who want to fuck me, but first, let me update them about marriage equality in Maryland. Also, while a tranny may have been denied use of a women’s restroom in a Chili’s, I’m only 185 feet away.

Meanwhile, I also see that two United States congressmen have sent a letter to Grindr asking them about what sort of security measures they have in place, following that Australian hacking incident. So, this is what your federal government is doing. Your tax dollars are being used to ask a sex site what they’re doing with your cock shots. A sex site that wants to help you fuck someone whom you’ve never met, and then…marry them? But, conceivably, after you fuck them and then marry them, you will never need to use Grindr again, because you’ll be married…thanks to Grindr. Grindr solves everything!

[Grindr For Equality]

7 thoughts on “Iphone app for promiscuous whores supports marriage equality”

  1. Wow, if you’re going to be so narrow minded and judgmental like a prissy school girl about your readers, perhaps grab a dictionary first. I think you’ll find whores and charge for it and they give it away for free on Grindr.

    1. Well, it’s not like people are organizing book clubs through the thing. Promiscuity is pretty much Grindr’s raison d’etre.

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