Brandon Anderson, Julian Brady

Is Brandon Anderson Cuter In or Out of His Rubber Ducky Shorts?

The correct answer, obvi, is “yes.” The adorable Brandon Anderson can do no wrong. His mere smile in a scene is reason alone to watch it, all the better if we get to look at his smooth bod in action (like when he had a shirtless workout with bud Shane Cook, the two kissing each other as they did synchronized pushups…a site that will forever bring me joy).

Brandon has really been mixing it up recently, switching from bottom to flip to top almost every scene. He keeps us guessing what’s next, and I love that about him. I’ve always felt that he was a bottom at heart, but more and more I feel like he’s proving me wrong. In this new scene, he’s all top.

Brandon Anderson, Julian Brady Brandon Anderson, Julian Brady

Brandon looks especially adorable as he throws and catches a football (see? Versatile!) outside, shirtless, in his rubber ducky swim trunks (!), with bro Julian Brady (okay, so  the throw isn’t that great, or Julian isn’t very adept at running toward balls…but whatever). Brandon also smiles and flexxes for us, which instantly brings me to my knees.

Brandon Anderson, Julian Brady

Inside, they strip down and swap sucks. Julian uses a little too much hand sucking Brandon’s beauty, and takes a moment to work up a stiffy when he face fucks his bud in return. Brandon soon eats out his fuzzy friend’s hole before ramming him from behind, his sac swaying like crazy. But the hottest shot has Julian sitting down on the top, who’s hard rod drives up hard (those balls!) as the camera gets nice and close.

Brandon Anderson, Julian Brady

The to finally fucks a load out of Julian, who strokes his schlong as he takes it on his back. What do you think of Brandon as just a top? What position do you prefer him in?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


8 thoughts on “Is Brandon Anderson Cuter In or Out of His Rubber Ducky Shorts?”

  1. I think Brandon is an absolute stud! But I gotta be honest and say I really prefer when he’s versatile and flip fucks with his sex partners. That gets me so horny!

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