Grant Ducati, Kane Fox

Is Grant Ducati Turning Into a Total Top?

Last month, Grant Ducati kicked off the announcement that he had signed as a Carnal Exclusive with something we haven’t seen much of from him since his career started in 2021: a scene as a total top, the cutie fucking hung daddy Ace Banner.

But apparently it’s a new Grant in 2024, as this new Hot House scene is the third time we’ve seen him as a total top just this year, following his Carnal scene and the hot January trailer park encounter where he fucked his namesake Trenton Ducati. In the fantastic Hot House flick Never Enough (I’m still drooling over that great Tryp Bates scene where he fucks Mat Wolff), Grant gets paired with Kane Fox—whose career has seen the opposite trajectory, starting as a total top but now frequently bottoming like a champ.

Grant Ducati, Kane Fox Grant Ducati, Kane Fox

Grant Ducati, Kane Fox Grant Ducati, Kane Fox

Both of these men have delicious cocks, and I’m glad Grant’s big dick is finally getting the attention and worship that it deserves (also, I’m loving his slightly longer hair!). So often in his career, Grant’s hot slab hasn’t been the focus. But damn, that’s a beautiful dick—and I love watching the toned cutie lean back as Kane slurps it.

Grant Ducati, Kane Fox Grant Ducati, Kane Fox

Grant Ducati, Kane Fox Grant Ducati, Kane Fox

Kane offers up his ass for eating before Grant slides in from behind. The bottom then sits down on that slab before we get the hottest visual: Kane on his back, his big dick and hot pit on display as Grant thrusts his hot rod deep inside—a great overhead shot looking down on them (I love that pic above!). Do you like seeing Grant top as much as I do? (And yes, you’ll notice that while the great stills for this pic are nice and bright, the actual scene is a dark, night-based encounter…making it a little harder to see their hot bods!).

See the full scene at Hot House!


6 thoughts on “Is Grant Ducati Turning Into a Total Top?”

  1. LMFAO !!! What a complete piece of shit PORN scene. Jesus fucking CHRIST…. this is what porn has become??? Fucking REPULSIVE!!!

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