Is Jason Crystal the Most Prolific Performer in History?

In a post entitled, “Jason Crystal Will Next Be Appearing On…,” Unzipped goes on a Jason Crystal scavenger hunt, discovering that the apple-cheeked, saucer-nippled muscley fuck stud has performed for more studios, under more names, in a shorter period of time than anyone we can recall. His scenes include solos, raunchy cum-play and an outdoor frolick with Mason Wyler, naturally.

And like shots of whiskey, Jason Crystal just gets better and better, even as the novelty is replaced by sweet, sweet nausea. The photos below replace the ten (and counting) promo shots from Jason’s slutty portfolio. Visit Unzipped for the full photos and in-depth explanation. (This dude is gay-for-pay by the way, so you can freak out now.)


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Jason Crystal Will Next Be Appearing On… (Unzipped)

0 thoughts on “Is Jason Crystal the Most Prolific Performer in History?”

  1. The statement that he’s gay for pay is gratuitous, as Blind Freddy could ascertain that from his totally lacklustre performances. I LOLd at his earnest statement in one of these clips that he’d like to be gay if he could “really I would”.

  2. I made this declaration weeks ago! Unzipped stole my line, bitches. LOL! But seriously, this guy is everywhere. I think once he
    appears on Randy Blue he’ll be ready for the studios. Unless he’s already worked at Falcon’s str8 men site. And we were worried about
    Leo Giamani overexposure!!

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