Shane Cook, Luke Truong

Is Shane Cook’s Thick Dick Too Big for Luke Truong?

Dear Next Door Studios: Are you trying to hurt me? Seriously…I think you’re actually trying to physically and emotionally cause me harm. How else to explain you putting Shane Cook in a locker room and making him talk so bro?

See, Shane is irritated because his girlfriend can’t take his big dick. “She literally said I was too big for her,” he tells bud Luke Truong after a gym workout. “We tried to hook up. I was in for a little bit, then I was out. It was so awkward. All I want is to have sex with someone that can take it for more than five seconds without tapping out. Is that too much to ask for?” (Dear lord…have your way with me, Shane!)

Shane Cook Shane Cook, Luke Truong

Shane Cook, Luke Truong Shane Cook, Luke Truong

During that entire speech, Luke stares at Shane (and his cock) with his jaw dropped, much like my face is watching the scene. Luke is happy to help his surprised blue-balled bud (“I thought you were straight!”), and soon has his mouth stretched wide as he tries to engulf Shane’s girthy slab, something I dream about doing ALL. THE. TIME.

Shane Cook, Luke Truong Shane Cook, Luke Truong

Shane Cook, Luke Truong

Shane then bros out as he fucks Luke, moaning “Yeah, dude! Fuck yeah!” as he takes him doggy. The top fucks Luke’s face and then thrusts up into him in the sit-down sequence. Shane gets increasingly sweaty as he rails Luke on his back, the bottom stroking his own boner as he takes it. Yes please to Shane taking control!

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


11 thoughts on “Is Shane Cook’s Thick Dick Too Big for Luke Truong?”

  1. Luke loved it. I would love Shane to put his thick skewer deep in me and Cook me until I’m well done and covered in his sweat.

    1. Sure, if’ you’re into scenes where the ‘models’ typically display little in the way of chemistry and are lit very flat.

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