Is This The Biggest, Longest, Most Insane Cum Shot You’ve Ever Seen?

I don’t know about you whores, but this is the most voluminous, lengthy, and crazy-ass cum shot I’ve ever seen.

The only way muscle model Toby Manning could improve upon this would be if he were shooting it onto someone’s face; unfortunately the entire thing is wasted being shot on himself.

Also: The only thing greater than the quantity of cum is the duration for which it is shot. It just keeps coming and coming! I counted not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8, not 9, not 10, not 11, but TWELVE individual streams of cum firing out of Toby Manning’s cock. How many do you see? How many times will you watch this to make sure you didn’t miss any? Twelve times?

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14 thoughts on “Is This The Biggest, Longest, Most Insane Cum Shot You’ve Ever Seen?”

  1. There is a Poster on Xhamster and youporn called theflankingking just google the words “Massive 7 spurt” his cumshots are amateur but insanely huge.

    1. I’m not one to promote bareback sex, but I have to agree with you! I hate it when a bb porn has all the guys pulling out to cum and sticking their dick back in when they’re done. Best thing I love in BB porn is when the guy just stays in there and cums all inside the guy, and then see all that cum ooze out. Loved seeing it in that SC video that was released not too long ago. I’ve never had BB sex, and more than likely never will, but I’ve always wondered what it feels like to have a someone shoot a load that size or bigger inside my ass.

  2. Someone had to inherit Peter North’s jizz-soaked crown. So, I checked out – really hot guys with really awful porn names. One model is named “Braun Drek!”

    1. Perhaps they were using anagram generators to pick names?

      Peter North/Matt Ramsey/Al Brown is old enough to be this kid’s father.

    1. Is that it – that was nothing compared to mine hahah – check out the one where i spunk 23 times – yes you read that right !

  3. Holy hell what a delicious load! I hope they book him for a scene with another guy, would love to see someone take all of that down their throat!

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