It’s Come To This: Steven Daigle Does “Bait Bus”

stevenbaitIs there any scene this man won’t do?

No offense to the team at Bait Bus (I like my “straight guy lured by big titties into getting fucked up the ass by a dude” shenanigans just as much as the next amateur porn viewer), but at what point does Steven Daigle say, OK, maybe I’ll sit this one out? This is his 9,000th(~) scene in the past year alone! Also, I just learned that he’s operating his own cam site?

In my usual way of passive-aggressively bestowing a compliment on gay porn’s most over exposed performer, I will say that Daigle is actually too cute to be having sex with the man he’s having sex with here.



[Bait Bus: Steven Daigle Is On The Hunt]

12 thoughts on “It’s Come To This: Steven Daigle Does “Bait Bus””

  1. The guys they pick up are not straight at all. Allot of the men I’ve seen on Adam4Adam and have webcams. It’s acting…pretty bad acting, but acting none the less.

  2. The guy Steven Daigle is having sex with here is actually not bad-looking at all. It was hot to see him get fucked. I’d take him if I had the chance.

  3. I’m more disturbed by the choice of outfits the bait always seems to wear. She’s always dressed like one of the backup dancers from Showgirls.

  4. Although he’s probably involved somehow, that webcam site doesn’t appear to be operated by Steven Daigle. That’s a “white label” site run through the “Adult Webmaster Empire” affiliate program. With a white label product, a webmaster provides a URL and the graphics, but the affiliate provides the content.

  5. That guy kind of looks like George W. Bush. BTW I’ve never seen so many botched boob jobs in my life that I have seen on Bait Bus. The unglory hole ones are just as funny or bad. I know you are supposed to suspend disbelief on these sites but really, you aren’t going to know that the person with the heavy 5 O’Clock shadow that is blowing you isn’t a man like within 5 seconds or in the case of Unglory Hole the had that is stroking your cock belongs to a guy that is 6’3 and not a girl that is 5’2. As far as Steven goes, I think it’s time to take a break when you can now claim you have literally appeared on every gay porn site known to man, and that is not a good thing.

  6. I know the one of the deals with Bait Bus is they pretend to drive off at the end and not pay the guy but some people think straight guys making gay porn are actually making that kind of money. Some stupid people actually think they are going to pay some out of shape nobody $5,000 to have sex with Stephen Daigle…Yeah. Right. Nobody pays that kind of money anymore. If he got 5K then Stephen had to get at least 15k, based on name value, plus Busty McFakechest would have had to get paid. Then production cost. By the time it was over the one scene would have cost over 50K.

    People need to start telling truth to straight guys think about doing gay porn. If you don’t sign with Randy Blue or Sean Cody for a year then you aren’t getting more than a grand to get fucked and less if you are willing to do less.

    Why do you think so many of the porn guys are overexposed because they need to as many scenes as they can while they can get hired. I just wish some of the “gay4pay” trade trash that gets overused would stop getting work until they actually earn it by doing an acceptable job.

  7. This lame “Bait Bus” was stupid as a straight site and even more ridiculous as a gay site. Thank god these guys picked up randomly and get fucked all come cleaned out though – no messy upholstery.

    Who pays for this absolute crap?

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