It’s Landon Conrad Week?

First his Golden Gate episode, then the tribute to his cock, and now this. Sorry. I can’t/won’t stop. Today, Falcon releases a scene from Indiscretion, in which Landon Conrad uses his dick to give powerbottom Christopher Daniels the most insane ride of his life. You can almost see it navigating its way around inside of him?

Christopher, who is as skilled at deep-throating dicks as he is bouncing on dicks (see clip below), makes this shot my favorite action photo of the year.

The full Indiscrection scene is here.


[Falcon: Landon Conrad Fucks Christopher Daniels]



3 thoughts on “It’s Landon Conrad Week?”

    1. Is there such a thing as too much of Landon’s fine, large, upstanding cock and square jawed super hero manliness?
      No. I don’t think there is.

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