It’s Over: Benjamin Godfre and Simon Dexter Officially Split!

After moving in together just weeks ago into a posh downtown L.A. loft, Benjamin Godfre and Simon Dexter have already called it quits and gone their separate ways! The most bromantical bromance of all time is officially DONE as Benjamin moved into a new loft by himself on Christmas Eve, leaving his former brofriend Simon out in the cold and completely alone for the holidays! Benjamin’s shocking video announcement, in which he declares that he’s “starting over…a new life…a new everything,” is below.

There’s no official word as to why the bromantical duo decided to split, but anyone who has been following their troubled relationship over the past month could have seen the signs. Benjamin has made multiple appearances with other nude men, helping them masturbate and even simulating anal sex with one—resulting in some highly tense moments for the Instagram-loving former couple as they tried (and failed) to start a life together in L.A.

Even more disturbing, my sources tell me that Simon’s extreme jealousy was beginning to resemble an “Alex Forrest situation” as Benjamin became more intimately involved with more and more naked gay men. Thank Godfre Benjamin got out in time!


43 thoughts on “It’s Over: Benjamin Godfre and Simon Dexter Officially Split!”

  1. That’s too bad. I liked both of them together, cute “bromantical” couple. I think they’re good for each other. Benjamin has such a fun personality, love it:). Simon is like the guy next door that everyone wants to hang out with. Sad it didn’t work out,….like friends-wise. Obviously they had some sort of feelings with each other at a certain point in time. It didn’t have to be romantic feelings, but on an emotional level. As it were – a bromance. Is it wrong to root for them to get together?

  2. FYI….Godfre is gay. Not gay for pay, but gay. Simon didn’t know this. Godfre developed feelings for Simon, and it went south quick. Simon and Godfre did fuck around, not romantically, just casually. THAT is truth.

  3. I find it interesting that Dexter is hosting a picture of himself taking big cock on his tumblr page.

    Who is Simon Dexter? What did he aspire to be aside from rich and famous based off a porn past?

    I will say that Simon performed on Sean Cody more beleivably then I’ve seen most guys. He sucked
    Cock, ate out hole, kissed, and fucked like he believed it. I don’t buy his line that he was gay for pay.
    No one has sex with the same gender and then escorts as Dylan Daxx and doesn’t enjoy it.

    He’s an enigma of a fellow. He as all these followers everywhere (gay men) and yet he doesn’t do anything
    Except post random photos. He has no Lear message. He should partner with Todd Sanfield, another
    Gorgeous narcissist, they might work well together.

  4. Love both of them, i REALLY DO! but I hope the nerdy glasses and bearded Williamsburg look is finally over, now that Cali pornstars have adopted it… I mean how much farther can this fakey truck driver /film-maker beard contest go?

  5. LOL you people really love to reach…

    A. we were never boyfriends

    B. I have never had romantic feelings for ben nor he for I

    C. As men, we wanted our own spaces. Simple. No emotion. Thats it.

    Move on and stop trying to create something where nothing exists.

    You have a pathetic blog that feeds people lies.

    1. Straight? Oh, please, tell me you don’t believe on this “gay for pay” babbling. Santa Claus is calling!

  6. Why are you writing articles about a break up no one gives two fucks about and completely ignoring the break up of your favorite twosome? Finally actual news about them for The Sword to cover and we get nothing but silence. No one needs or is entitled to details, but they should say something… Is Anthony still involved with Guys in Sweatpants? Why is Austin publicly calling out Cocky Boys not returning his calls? Just what is going on?

    And really, I love them together and hope they work it out. Early in the year when they were fighting you ordered them to stop it and make up. Maybe try that again…

    1. i know! according to twitter and instagram they were together over thanksgiving then in the middle of december anthony is posting about broken hearts on his tumblr. then austin is tweeting about various hookups. and they have stopped tweeting to each other and they don’t respond to the many people asking their status via twitter. and it seems austin is going to vegas for guysnsweatpants while anthony is tweeting from home. i hope anthony will still be involved in cockyboys if he isn’t going to be involved in guysnsweatpants. cockyboys can have my $$. who dumps someone before xmas then tweets about ‘that new dick smell’? nice.

  7. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag

    BenG! Bra! You’re killing me, dude!

    I could sit here & speculate how Simon was physically morphing into you or how 24/7 stoners(not rec users) can’t spend all their cash at the Spence(location which dispenses) & expect to pay monthly bills OR probably how when someone expressed their true feelings in a bong haze, you went silent & texted the following afternoon(while the other was at the gym)that you were “outta here” Bastards be jealous.

    Let’s go for the more obvious. If you are going to be ‘hot, sought-after, in-demand or busy’ LOOK IT, DUDE! Whether you loaded the Penske & carried that shit into your place alone…THAT FIRST VID should have contained some hot blurred-faced bitches & dudes partying & puffing in your new pad. Dancing with the dog! Someone shirtless & ripped– eating a worm and doing ‘The Worm!’

    You da man!

    WTF? It’s a sad, lonely, dirty, shit-hole! Yo man, you are wanted by every studio!!!! You are the hottest new face in the highly-paid field of gay porn. Cody should be licking your crack. Put down the one-hitter & establish your turf! offers $100 lifetime membership! Others are offering $1 trials and %tages off to new members. It’s a Cristal-age in the industry. Bottle service! Award shows! Making it rain!

    SO, BLOOD, talk to Rocco Reed’s people & find out whether it’s Lexapro or Abilify or whatever keeping him flaccid & distant for hours in every scene. You want to get paid for that shit! Smoke ain’t cheap. And the ragged-out Gosling’s cousin vibe is thin.

    I’m yo friend-to-the-mutherfucking-end, baby!
    Puff, puff, pass.
    Hey, let me slob on that knob–I’ll share my vaporizer???

  8. darn, are they secret trust fund babies? they move, pack up and relocate at the drop of a dime as if it’s nothing, and i KNOW it’s not cheap where they choose to live . .

  9. I thought the whole situation between them was a little strange (actually ALOT). Never understood why a so-called straight guy who had a great life and home up and moves to Los Angeles with a gay guy and they are just friends. Yeah that’s going to happen. As fucked up on drugs as Benjamin usually is he may not have even known he was doing it. Hopefully there are no tattoo parlors near his place. He’s beginning to look like a grafitti wall. The older he gets, the less attractive he is.

  10. God I love this kind of show-off boy. From Joe Dallessadnro on, the type never changes and the world of gay erotica would be dead without it. He seems like an arrogant brat and a maybe a tease, but at least he has a personality …alot of these video starlets of the moment don’t have any personality at all.

    1. I think it’s actually worse (better?) than “Benjaminians”…I believe he’s referring to his ‘fans’ as Benja’MINIONS’…defined as a servile dependent followers…ewwww…creepy. OK…who am I kidding? The truth is it just keeps gettin’ better!!! THIS is the kinda sidesplitting “me-me-me-LOOK-at-MEEEEE” laugh-riot that keeps me coming back…now that ‘Jersey Shore’ is gone. Literally.

          1. You’re right.
            Your opinion doesn’t matter.
            They said “no offense” no need to act like a pissy little bitch just because someone doesn’t like some over used saying.

        1. According to every major study, from The Kinsey Institute to Standford and Northwestern Universities, a truly heterosexual man is not aroused by same-sex practices. And from there we can reasonably conclude that a truly heterosexual man would not need to sell his ass to the highest bidder in order to make a living. A truly heterosexual man without many career options, or who wants the seemingly fast track to ‘fame’ and ‘riches,’ would enter the world of heterosexual porn, not gay male porn. There is no pay rate norm for either gay or straight porn studios, so there too, the notion — I repeat NOTION — that a straight man can make more money performing sexual acts within the gay male porn industry — is bogus. Gay-for-pay is merely a delusional self-defense of self-loathing gay men against the painful (for them) realization that they are indeed homosexual. The world is filled with countless men, of all ages, who come out after years of marriage, heterosexual sex and even siring offspring. Taking cock in his ass more than a few times, along with countless videos of man-on-man sex to his credit, Simon Dexter is indeed a self-loathing gay man. He also continues to run ads on Rentboy as a gay male escort. His ‘girlfriend,’ transsexual Yasmine Petty, left him after stating emphatically on Simon’s now defunct blog that he is a pathological liar. Well, only person he is truly lying to is himself. Doesn’t take a psychology or psychiatry degree to see that Simon Dexter has serious issues with his own sexuality. But since you believe so strongly that he is only for the money, I say give him a call via Rentboy, or perhaps visit his Wish List page at Amazon and make a donation.

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