“It’s Quite Different For An African-American Male…”

“…It’s about the worst thing you can be in black culture. You’re taught you have to be a man; you have to be masculine. In the black community they think you can pray the gay away.”

Another unknown famous person with something to promote (in this case a book) decides that it’s the right time for you to know that he’s gay. Are you impressed?

18 thoughts on ““It’s Quite Different For An African-American Male…””

  1. When did he state that he is the only one that struggled with coming-out? He is simply stating his journey and experiences.

    As a bi-racial guy ( white dad, black mother ) living in the south I can say there is a distinct difference of acceptance between races. My dads family were immediately accepting and most are constantly trying to fix me up with guys they work with, because all gay guys are interchangeable – misguided (YES) – but they really make an effort.

    Winter break in my 2nd year in college, my highschool bestfriend committed suicide; my mothers first words were ” is it because he was gay?”, then she looked at me and said “you know you don’t have to do that”. Yes, I know my mother loves me no matter what but that’s the extent of anything relating to me being gay. It’s just an unspoken rule, she doesn’t (bible thump) when I come to visit and I don’t bring guys around or talk about being gay, which is the way it is with the majority of her family. Her siblings, my aunt and uncles: 2 ministers – 3 deacons – 1 chuch organist – 1 dean @ private christian school – 2 christian youth academy directors…

    In contrast is my dads Roman Catholic family that is out of service and eating Sunday brunch by 10:00am and on their way home for football. My mothers church has Sunday:early morning service 7-9, Sunday school 9:30-10:30am, Sunday service 11:00-1:00 , evening service 3-5pm or late evening service 7-9pm…btw thats just Sunday and doesn’t include bible study(wed) -choir practice(tue) -outreach(sat)… This is very common, specially in the south.

    In my mothers neighborhood of 200 homes their are 12 churches, and about 45 more in and around town with a poulation of 13,000.

    My dads side- people know each other civically from camping, going to the lake, hunting lodges, country clubs, golf, nascar, fishing…; whereas, my mothers side – is what I call Church Social, picnics, gospel concerts, programs, vacation bible school, harvest carnival (get in and ride rides for free if you don’t wear a halloween costume) and even birthdays are spent with family and kids from church.

    It’s religious – cultural – and social!
    So Yes it’s different in the black community!

    BTW, Fox News wins in ratings but CNN is the only National News Org that is producing a profit.

  2. I’m a teacher who teaches an English class in poor neighborhoods and in middle class neighborhoods. Anecdotally, when I assign an essay by a gay man to read, the anti-gay comments come from African American women and some Latinas. The men either don’t comment at all or they are positive in their comments. And not all African American women are homophobic. Also, I don’t come across as gay or straight nor do I reveal my sexuality (I’m bi for the record).

    So why is it mostly African American women? The church does have something to do with it While most Judeo-Christian religions are anti-gay, Evangelical religions are the most vehemently homophobic and most African American churches are evangelical. The idea of down-low gay men spreading AIDs is a myth that has resonance in poor communities with even Oprah doing shows on it. And, as Don Lemon says, there is a hyper masculinity that is almost a stereotype in African American culture. Just listen to the aggressive lyrics of blues and rap to hear it.Of course, homophobia transcends race. While my female students openly trash gays, the quiet ones of all races could be hateful, too; they could be quiet in the face of an academic environment that pushes for diversity.

    Am I impressed? If you actually read the article and not just the quotation and Zach’s snarky comment, you see that Lemon has written a book about being a black man in a post-Obama world, and as a newsman who is dedicated to the truth, he decided to reveal his sexuality. It’s a small part of the book, but, of course, it’s what the news media wants to talk about instead of the rest of his career and life. It’s why Zach put it up in the first place. So yeah, I’m impressed. I’ll give him respect over Anderson Cooper any day of the week.

  3. First off, every culture is deeply based in the church. The values of THIS COUNTRY’S origin is based deeply in the church. So to think that one ethnicity’s culture is more deeply rooted in religion than the other is RIDICULOUS.

    Now, I don’t know who this guy is, and I really don’t care.

    One thing is for sure though. He is another naive soul buying into the racist rhetoric of how Blacks are more homophobic, when in actuality they are not. And for him to be Black and not realize how much of a crock of shit that is makes him a sad case.

    And since this is a gay porn blog site, I’ll use gay porn to make my point.

    Contrary to the stupidity stated by people like Michael Lucas, Blacks are no more homophobic than any other ethnicity. The truth is it is not as profitable for Blacks to internalize their homophobia the way Whites can by calling themselves “gay-for-pay”, and be hired by people like Michael Lucas and others who try to accuse Blacks of being more homophobic to cover their own racism. The number of porn sites featuring the “gay-for-pay” theme but featuring White males is also proof of this misconception. The Blacks that are dumb enough to join the “gay-for-pay” concept about themselves are usually the ones that work for the cheap-paying ethnic porn companies like Pitbull Productions and Latino Fan Club. And since we’re talking about the “thug” mentality with those companies, it’s not a surprise that they would prostitute their “supposed” orientation for such a low price.

    With that point made, let’s get back to this guy. Is he really that easily swayed by the racist jargin about his own ethnicity that he has blinded himself to the fact that EVERY CULTURE teaches their males to be a man and be masculine? This post and his quote exposes that he’s just that blind. And some of the comments show that he has friends out there who are just as gullible.

  4. I for one am very glad that he has decided to publicaly come out. The tone of this author sounds like that of a pompous ass. In the words of Max, go fuck yourself.

  5. Why the fuck are you even reporting on him? His coming out has nothing do with gay porn nor is he associated with gay porn. And as far as your sarcastic remark you can go fuck yourself.

  6. It’s great news. Especially in the Black community. Seeing as how gay male culture and gay male porn culture in particular marginalizes ethnicity, it’s great that more Black men are coming out and being unapologetic. I’m not a fan of Zach’s obvious resentment in the tone of his writing. Peace.

  7. Coming out is hard regardless of ethnicity. Do you think the Hispanic kid in Dallas, the white kid in Nebraska, or the Philipino kid Los Angeles thinks it’s any “different” for them?

    I’m African American and I never thought for a moment that coming out was any easier for anyone else.

    1. I wasn’t under the impression that he was saying that it was easier but different in that so much of African American culture is deeply rooted in the church.

      1. What community is not deeply rooted in church? Baptists, Catholics, Mormons…no religion is giving a pass to gays, especially in the 80’s. Everyones coming out experience is/was different, but no more or less significant.

        1. They are not cultures, the are religions. My culture, being British, isnt rooted in the church. I dont know anyone that goes to church or cares about churches. Black culture isnt just homophobic because of religion, its homophobic because its considered weak and inferior to be gay. Its a double whammy.

  8. Waite. Lemon is unknown? Really? Think that might be hyperbole. Going to agree with that’s been said thus far. Have no problem questioning why now, but it’s still a good thing. Have a drink in his honor. And for the kids who hear about it.

  9. “pray the gay away”

    Saw a nice quote: Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper, both much better known – one from the same network, one from Fox News – have it in their multi-million dollar contracts to “pay the gay away”.

  10. Let’s take gays and lesbians in the media or entertainment coming out whenever and where ever they do it. Sports people too.

    Doesn’t matter if they waited until their careers were assured, just come out sometime.

    Old gay guy

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