It’s The JRL Awards!

It’s kind of hard to explain, but in a nutshell, JRL sends out e-mail newsletters with lists of the top selling gay adult films, based on retail and online reports. Maybe! Who can really say? And who cares? Ha ha, do people even read e-mails? No, they only read the Twitter. So let’s turn to Twitter to find out what happened last night, at the JRL Awards, where there was so much drama!

Director Chi Chi LaRue (a notorious safe sex advocate) had agreed to show up, provided the awards for bareback films were handed out prior to her arrival. But that did not happen, as noted by host of the show Jason Sechrest:



Drama (a shouting match? A brawl in the bathroom? I heard conflicting reports) ensued, and Chi Chi was understandably upset.

She was set up!



Then, as Rob Romoni reported, everyone left.

The end.



Better luck next year, JRL Awards!



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