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Moore Is Better

When it comes to making big, uncut dicks disappear, Moore is definitively better.

Jack Hunter has a huge cock.

Josh Moore’s makes your mouth water.

Jack Hunter’s too.

Neither has a gag reflex.

Saying a scene sucks isn’t usually a good thing. Usually.

Let the oral report begin.

jack hunter josh moore falconFalcon Studios Group exclusiveJJ Knight and Ian Greene made the point very clear last week. The only thing better than getting up close and personal with the one you lust for is getting “Intimate”, the new release from Falcon. Check out Jack Hunter. Has he ever looked this hot? Josh Moore is leading man handsome as always. And his perfect ass is as mouthwatering as his cock.

jack hunter josh moore falconJack pulls himself from Josh’s full pouty, lips to put a lip lock on that big cock. Then his tongue does the walking on the flip side.

jack hunter josh moore falconWhen it’s Logan’s turn, he liberates Jack’s mighty tower from his tight white briefs and deep throats that big bad boy right down to the short and curlies. It makes him nut all over the floor. And when it comes time to Jack’s explosion, Josh takes that on the chin. And on the tongue. And down his throat.

[Watch Josh & Jack in “Intimate” scene two at Falcon]

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