Jack Hunter, Trystan Turner

Jack Hunter Tops Big Dick Newbie Trystan Turner

There’s been a lot of new faces and different types of debuts happening over the past couple of weeks. We’ve already told you about one porn hunk’s self-sucking debut, an industry debut set in the Canary Islands, a throwback Banks debut, and another debut featuring some self-suck action. For today’s debut post though, we’re talking about the first-ever studio appearance from porn newcomer Trystan Turner!

Trystan can be seen making his first step into the gay porn world in the latest video from JockBreeders – a new site from Carnal Media, the same folks behind sites like Carnal+ and Gaycest, that features an array of big dick hookups along with hundreds of scenes from JasonSparksLive. In the scene, Jack Hunter, who was just announced to be part of a major porn competition this November, gets the honor of welcoming Trystan as he uses his impressive cock to bareback the hung bottom until he’s covering himself in his own thick ropes. Take a look below at some preview shots and see for yourself:

So what do you think? Are you excited to see Trystan make his way into the porn industry? Who do you want to see him fuck for his next video? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire scene right now over at JockBreeders!

[Watch ‘Trystan Turner & Jack Hunter Chapter 1’]


16 thoughts on “Jack Hunter Tops Big Dick Newbie Trystan Turner”

  1. As I dig around looks like Jock Breeder is using old Jason Sparks videos and rebranding them as NEW. This scene is from 2020. Guess a gay’s gotta make a buck

  2. LOVE JACK HUNTER. YUMMY. So, he’s not into Asian guys so he’s racist, Typical left-wing Bullshit. Get over it. Rock on Jack.

      1. Jack Hunter has a history of being openly racist again Asian men and the community. He is known for saying that asian men are a hard no limit for him from now deleted tweets.

        1. So by saying “openly racist” you mean he doesn’t want to have sex with Asian men or was he actually making racist remarks towards the Asian community?

          1. What’s the difference? Asian people are like any other group, namely its composed of individuals and if someone doesn’t like ‘Asians’ in general that’s virtually the dictionary definition of racism.

  3. I like smooth faces on guys, but I love Jack with facial hair. He’s so much sexier! Trystan on the other hand looks silly with that chin-strap mess.

    I’ve been there with facial hair. I grew mutton chops and nobody said anything until AFTER I shaved, then they told me they HATED the look. Looking back I can agree

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