Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest

Jack Waters Rides the Big Bushy Dick of Kyle Wyncrest

Cute Jack Waters made a very memorable debut a Next Door earlier this year, worshipping the big daddy dick of Christian Wilde in a great pairing. Now he’s finally back more more hot cock in the for of jock Kyle Wyncrest.

While checking into a hotel, Kyle cruises stranger Jack and casually says his room number out loud  to the clerk (not sure if there was an audio issue in this opening scene, because we oddly get subtitles…maybe it’s just being “arty”?). Jack shows up quickly and gets on his knees as the two let their hot boners out (they are ready to go!).

Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest

Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest

I love that low shot looking up at Kyle’s hairy legs, bushy cock and ripped body as he gets blown, especially when he whips that rock-hard shaft on Jack’s smiling face. Jack then leas back to get his hole munched and his hot cock sucked, leaning his arm back to also show off his hot pit. Jack is smiling and laughing playfully throughout, an you can tell how into Kyle he is.

Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest

Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest Jack Waters, Kyle Wyncrest

We then get a great visual of Jack getting fucked on his back, jacking off his own boner at the same time. “Yeah, that’s a tight fucking hole!” says Kyle as he slides in. “Take that fucking cock! Fucking take it!” We get a great closeup behind Kyle, showing off his hairy legs, hot hole and balls going deep. Still rock hard, Jack stands up and sits down on Kyle—the bottom’s dick bouncing as he rides before shooting on Kyle, who busts a nut on Jack’s hole (although the camera is sadly a little too far away). A hot pairing!

See the full scene at Next Doro Studios!


7 thoughts on “Jack Waters Rides the Big Bushy Dick of Kyle Wyncrest”

  1. Kyle doesn’t bottom in it… I saw jack in a video where he had some stubble on his chest down to his treasure trail… great look on him, made him actually look of legal age and OK to be with the men he is with.

  2. Tribal tats and big bush seems incongruous to someone old enough to remember when both of those things where popular. Not a lot of tats in the 70’s and body shaving when tribals where the thing the aughts.
    I am just getting old… it is official :)

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