Cade Maddox, Jackson Bell

Jackson Bell Makes Industry Debut With A Late-Night Cade Maddox Pounding

There’s a new face over at Hot House that’s about to get stuffed full of some Cade Maddox cock!

For the bareback finale of In The Night, the movie that’s all about nocturnal sex, Jackson Bell is making his first-ever industry appearance as he sneaks into an abandoned tire yard in the dead of night, strips down to nothing but a black thong, and begins to service one of the most famous cocks in the industry!

Rocking a black thong that gives easy access to his smooth ass, Jackson starts the late-night hookup by dropping to all fours on a rogue oversized tire and letting Cade’s tongue have a go at his hole. Before long, Jackson’s pristine hole is taking every inch of Cade’s award-winning cock as the muscular superstar thrusts himself into the gay porn newcomer until he’s pulling out to smother his taint in hot jizz. Take a look below and see some 100% raw snapshots from the junkyard hookup:

So what do you think of Jackson’s first-ever gay porn scene? Who do you want to see him fuck next? Let us know in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this scene, head over to!

[Watch IN THE NIGHT ft. Cade Maddox & Jackson Bell]


11 thoughts on “Jackson Bell Makes Industry Debut With A Late-Night Cade Maddox Pounding”

  1. I genuinely feel sorry that Jackson Bell made his debut getting fcked by that disgusting piece of plastic sht. Why doesn’t someone light a candle and melt him into a puddle? It would be a service to the industry.

    1. is there a reason why cade gets so much hate here? The plastic surgery discussion can be genuine but it seems like ppl get more thrill of criticizing his looks and aging factor. Is some of the hate fueled by his past criminal record? I just don’t get it because Cade seems like a genuine kind person. He doesn’t really involve himself in messy drama like other porn models. I remember when he made one of my friends feel a lot better at a party in West Hollywood a few years ago where my friend felt insecure and out of place because he is obese and all the other gays were fit but Cade made sure he felt welcomed and was super sweet to my friend. He didn’t care that my friend’s belly was exposed under his tight shirt. It’s refreshing to see fit gay men not judge people by their bodies.

      1. Aside from the fact that he looks like a puppet who wished to be a real boy? (I mean, it is a good thing the other guy made his debut late at night so he won’t feel like he’s in one of those ‘Saw’ movies. Yikes.) I didn’t know he had a criminal past. That changes nothing. He’s such a sourpuss — and not in the fun way. Watch any interview with him, he constantly looks as though he thinks everyone else smells and/or is beneath him somehow. And his comments about other guys’ choice of sexual activities was kinda out of line.
        Unsure what to make of the anecdote about how sweet he was to your obese friend… at a party(?). I mean, was be being paid to make an appearance? That might explain why he was “kind enough” to “not care” about your friend’s body. That comment about fit men judging others, no matter how true it may feel, is judging others in a harsh way before getting to know them. I think there’s work to do, all around our community.
        As for why he is on the receiving end of so much negativity, I love this site but it feels like Cade’s death-mask, plastic sex is always being shoved in our faces. I actually visit the site less now because the constant coverage is tiresome.

  2. Jackson Bell is a handsome muscular hottie. If he prefers bottoming I’d like to see him hook up with the Finn Harding man.

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