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Finger Licking Good

When some of the stragglers don’t quite reach his mouth, Jackson Grant grabs Jonah Fontana’s hands and slurps up the rest.

The sight of Jackson Grant’s hairy chest drenched in his own massive load alone would have been enough.

Then Jonah Fontana pelted him with an even bigger explosion.

Especially after the sperm bank explosion last week with Jonah and real-life lover Lorenzo Flexx, it’s easy to see why TitanMen called this movie “Cum Laude” as they’re rapidly ascending to the head of the class when it comes to money shots.

jackson grant jonah fontana titanmenLast week with Jonah and TitanMen exclusive Lorenzo Flexx, it was a rare opportunity to see porn stars being with the one they love. But given their day job, today is about the loving the one you’re with. And what’s not to love about Jackson Grant? Head to toe, front to back, and for every sexy follicle in between, he’s on his way to becoming of this year’s breakout stars.

jackson grant jonah fontana titanmenProps must be given to director Jasun Mark for establishing a synergy on-set that gives rise to one uber-hot scene after another. We have two extraordinarily impressive cum shots again today. One would have been enough. Two is better. And the journey to Cum Town is an exercise in the primal need to seed that begins with some mutual dick choking before heading south.

jackson grant jonah fontana titanmenOnce Jackson rubs his dripping dong on Jonah’s hairy chest, it was like the dinner bell to come and get it. Jonah spits on Jackson’s crack and hauls him to the bedroom. Jackson gets on all fours like the dog in heat he is at this point. Doggie to riding and riding to missionary.

jackson grant jonah fontana titanmenPent-up loads lead to big explosions. But despite the pros that they are, every balloon has to bust eventually. While Jonah is plowing full speed, Jackson lets loose and is soon covered in his own nut. And when it’s Jonah’s turn, Jackson ends his day neither dry, thirsty, or hungry.

[Watch Jackson & Jonah in “Cum Laude” scene three at TitanMen]

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