Jacob Peterson Jonah Fontana Falcon

Jacob Peterson & Jonah Fontana: The Flip That Had To Happen

If this Jacob Peterson & Jonah Fontana mashup is any indication of what the rest of “Desert Getaway” is like, you might as well unzip now and keep your dick out for the next five weeks

Though filmed out in the desert and not down on the farm, “Desert Getaway”, the summer nut-buster from Falcon, reminds me of Raging Stallion’s multi-Grabby winning “Total Exposure”. In addition to benefiting once again from the direction and casting of Nick Foxx, “Desert Getaway” is both visually stunning and sexually riveting.

It all starts today with Falcon Studios Group exclusive Jacob Peterson & Jonah Fontana.

Jacob Peterson Jonah Fontana Falcon
Nothing makes the big, uncut dick of Jacob Peterson get harder than a big dick in his ass. Except one thing. When the connection with his co-star makes no other outcome possible. We first saw it will fellow exclusive Ryan Rose. Then with Jack King. We see it again today with the devastatingly handsome Jonah Fontana who is wasting not one minute, or one inch, of his Falcon debut.

Locked out of their “Desert Getaway” rental house, Jacob & Jonah Fontana pass the time by playing pass the dick. The beautiful desert landscape is further enhanced by washboard abs, handsome men, and a sexual hunger for each other that begins as soon as their lips press.

Jacob Peterson Jonah Fontana Falcon
Soon, lips are pressing again. Different set of lips. And we’re just getting started.

Jacob Peterson Jonah Fontana Falcon
Jacob’s uncut throbber at full mast with Jonah’s balls swinging. It’s on.

Jacob Peterson Jonah Fontana Falcon
It’s on, yes, but not over. This isn’t a showcase of two power tops trying to ungrunt each other. Jacob rises to the occasion to return as much pleasure as Jonah has just given him. But Jacob’s adds something else to the mix; a big fat load right onto Jonah’s scuffy mouth.

[Watch Jacob Peterson & Jonah Fontana in “Desert Getaway”]

2 thoughts on “Jacob Peterson & Jonah Fontana: The Flip That Had To Happen”

  1. i love this. men r just getting more n more beautiful. n i never get tired of seeing that cream sit on those sexy beards

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