Jake Cruise Confirms End Of CocksureMen.com Production; “Not Going Out Of Business”

As accurately reported here yesterday, CockSureMen.com has stopped production, as confirmed by Jake Cruise today. Also reported here yesterday–again, accurately–is that Jake Cruise Media as a whole is “re-tooling.” Or, in Jake Cruise’s words, “re-organizing.”

Today, Jake Cruise released an official statement.

Via Gay Daily Hot:

I want to thank everyone for showing so much concern. I never thought that this would become such a big deal. It’s never been a secret. First let me state that my company, Jake Cruise Media, is not going out of business. Far from it. And I, Jake Cruise, am not retiring. Over the past 10 years the adult industry has changed tremendously. We have taken a long, hard look at the internet of today and how society watches adult entertainment. Jake Cruise Media is re-organizing into a smaller, leaner company that will be able to adapt to this ever changing digital world. We are confident that we will thrive under our new business model. We have very exciting things planned but I simply cannot talk about them at this time. Personally, I’m looking forward to our new future.

The Sword wishes Jake Cruise luck.


15 thoughts on “Jake Cruise Confirms End Of CocksureMen.com Production; “Not Going Out Of Business””

  1. It sounds like JC is just trying to find a way to re-invent itself in this difficult environment. With challenges like the economy, video piracy and increased competition, it’s smart to “retool”, “downsize”, or whatever.

    Take for example Active Duty. Another veteran site that was an original but is now kind of “long in the tooth.” AD has an obsolete website and a web concept that is really amateurish, collaborations that have been total flops (ASG, BiBarracks, My Straight Buddy, xxxamateurhour, etc, etc.) And, lately, instead of casting a mix of hot military men, AD casts barely legal twinks they discover at Walmart.

    Hopefully, JC will come back bigger and badder and demonstrate that good porn and smart business decisions can go hand in hand. (By the way, will new subscribers be advised that there will be no new content?)

    I’m also glad that these changes have been discussed (reluctantly) in the open. Often these companies will miss some updates or throw on some old content thinking that subscribers won’t notice, but in essence that’s just ripping off the customer. I commend Zach and the The Sword keeping them honest.

  2. As far as Morgan Black goes, I strongly suspect Raging Stallion has already come calling–his look would fit in best with them….although, let’s face it–most studios have abandoned their individual niches and screwed with their brands. I would cough up cash to see him with Junior Stellano–although to see that, he would have to be snapped up by the restalyne-laced claws of Michael Lucas.

  3. They have some pretty hot “exclusives”, even though that word clearly doesn’t have much merit. Any word on what happens to their? The studios should be fighting over morgan black.

  4. Nice to see they’re making changes to JCM because frankly, as hot as some of the vids are, the videos can be ratchet as fuck, oh with the tired ass sets and occasional equipment showing up in shots.

    1. Their “changes” consist of shutting down production, not making changes to how the movies are shot. Maybe the last of the new content vids will show some improvement, but the changes are that they aren’t going to be making movies anymore.

      1. To me it sounds like he’s going to stop making as many movies and instead raise the production value. Maybe the “membership sites are fading” means “Naked Sword has it right so we’re going to do higher-end stuff like Golden Gate and not just release the same scene every week in front of the same grey wall.”

        You seem to have inside some information, so maybe I’m wrong. But even Jake says that he’s got some big things happening that he can’t talk about yet so I don’t know how YOU know about them.

        1. I had the same impression.they are relocating and org things differently,in the meanwhile they stopped production.i think they still have a lot of content in their archives.

        2. Jake Cruise’s words when asked if Cocksure men has ceased production.

          “We r finishing up production now. I’ll be sending out a press release with details soon. WE ARE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!”


          “BTW we may start production again. We r simply changing our business model. Never say never.”

          In other words, he is stopping production.

          If he’s shutting down production and moving out of his main filming location, and key staff are leaving, and most of his exclusives are gone that should tell you that it’s most likely not because they are wanting to improve production values.

          1. So you don’t have any inside information, ur just guessing from Tweets. Hes stopping making Cocksure Men. Maybe he got bought out by a bigger company and will be shooting for them. Maybe he’s going to just do something like itunes and just release scenes when he feels like it and let people buy it when he puts it out (which would seem to gel with the “running down a hill faster than the boulder rolling down behind u” analogy). Or going with what Naked Sword and Titan does which is put out a full movie and not just unconnected scenes.

            Maybe he realized that moving his whole staff into the big ranch so they could have shoots in the gym and shoots in the hills and shoots on the patio and shoots in the yard didn’t make any more money than just shooting in a room with a grey wall and that same Ikea picture that every porn sites uses (and they all must use it for a reason).

            If you follow Mann Monroe on Twitter (he’s Jake’s assistant who’s also probably the guy who posts on Just Us Boys) he was tweeting out that they were shooting Mitch Vaughn today & telling Wolf Hudson to apply at Jake Cruise Casting. So there’s obviously something going on over there. I know that most of those contracts they signed were for 1 year & if you look at when they started to show up, that was about a year ago. So that would mean the contacts are up & maybe Jake decided having contract models wasn’t worth it. Zach did a story last week about how contracts don’t mean anything anyway.

            I dont’ think Jake is hot but I started to like him once I saw the out takes they posted on xtube & saw him laughing with the guys. Then following him on twitter you get the image of a guy who’s nice to everyone and doesn’t let all the haters bother him. Say nice stuff to him and he says nice stuff back almost always. Not a lot of porn stars do that. John Tegan is the same and so is Jasun. I like most of the stuff on Cocksure Men and it’s sad to see it go but to read what Jake has to say it looks like something it already in the works and he’s just playing coy. Someone said that John is working for a model agency now and Jasun is directing for Cocky boys. Maybe John and Jasun leaving meant that Jake wasn’t able to find people to replace them so he’s taking a break to decide what to do next.

            Who knows. I dont think u can guess from reading a few tweets.

            I don’t get the hate for Jake and his employees. I understand people not liking the porn but it’s like they take it really personally that they make it. And it’s just porn.

  5. The guy that represents Jake Cruise on the Just Us Boys forum posted this:

    “But Jake doesn’t and never has owned the property. The company leased it for two years and most of our productions have been done here since then. Now that we’re not going to be using the property anymore, the owners have listed it for sale again. We know that people are digging for gossip but there really isn’t any big story. Just a shift in focus for a studio that’s been around for quite a while and will be around for a long time to come.”

    Interestingly enough, the address of the custodian of records (where the 2257 files are kept)is the same address as the “Jake Cruise” ranch. He makes it seem like it was just a shooting location, but to me it appears that all business transactions were done there. The “Jake Cruise” brand and the domains are all registered to the EKRA Group of Sun Valley which also has the same address.

    Also this:

    “Jake’s been making porn for over 10 years and has a gigantic catalogue. He’ll be working on distributing it and licensing it for quite some time. The pressures of having to turn out 5 scenes per week can be a bit like trying to run down hill faster than the boulder rolling down behind you.”

    That sounds like codespeak for he is trying to sell that catalog. Who would he license it to? A lot of companies are keeping their heads above water and trying to keep the power on. Why would they want to distribute someone else’s product when they have their own. One of the “5 scenes a week” is a solo which can be several months or a year before they are released. Falcon, Colt, and Raging Stallion have strong back catalogs in terms of assets, Jake Cruise has a cluster of webscenes with a large number of performers that have been on almost every gay porn site known to man.

    And this:

    “He does plan on producing again but probably not three membership sites running simultaneously. The age of the membership site seems to be fading and the focus is more producing and licensing to other sources. Jake’s always been pretty good at sensing that sort of thing out.”

    I take that to mean that he will shut down his membership sites, and that memberships and $$ is waning. Most people that pay for a membership site expect regular updates, if that doesn’t happen they cancel rather quickly. Who is going to join a pay site that doesn’t include updates?

    Sorry I don’t know how to do quotes on here so I hope I’m doing it right. It’s interesting how the sword was being eviscerated by certain people yesterday and now they confirm (albeit with doublespeak) what you have reported.

    1. Well, their reps explanation makes about as much sense as a tit on your forehead.

      If “the age of the membership site is fading” but they will still produce and license out their content, who exactly will the license it to? A membership site? Oh no, they are fading.

      1. creamedcheese, you’re posting on The Sword which is owned by AEBN which is a mega site that licenses content from hundreds of producers, including Jake Cruise. Studios also license their content to MaleFlixx, TLA, GayHotMovies, Xtube, BangBoys, Gamelink and a bunch of other places. There are also a lot of download-to-own and Pay-Per-View sites and services and tube sites popping up. That’s probably what they’re talking about.

        And Zach, I’m missing the part of that statement where Jake says that CocksureMen has ended production. Did you not post the whole statement?

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