Jake “I’m Not Gay” Lyons Posts Rentboy Ad Looking For…Another Rentboy?

Jake Lyons’ proposal to work for a straight porn studio apparently didn’t work out, because now he’s taken his case to Rentboy. And by case, I mean basket case.

He might not be gay, he might not be sane, and he might not understand how Rentboy works (if he’s looking to date an escort, he needn’t pay for his own ad!), but why let any of that get in the way of making your dreams “cum” true? Hire him! (Seriously, please hire him and let me know what happens.)

Also, Cliff Jensen?


Ex Porn actor and escort Jake Lyons, after spending over a year traveling abroad, has relocated to Los Angeles and is excited to meet new people for kinky hott sex. Into mild to wild. Tell me your deepest darkest desires and let me have fun making it all cum true. Im a horny kinky little slut, lol, that loves to hear you moan with pleasure. If you really want to get brownie points, buy an oz of 420 and hire me with Cliff Jensen… I want to be his smoking buddy. His girlfriend is in my way. lol. Im looking for an investor. Im willing to wait a long time until the right one comes along. I would really like to begin dating an escort here. It would be nice and beneficial.

I sure hope these are his own photos. We all know what happened the last time Jake Lyons used someone else’s photos in an escort ad.

25 thoughts on “Jake “I’m Not Gay” Lyons Posts Rentboy Ad Looking For…Another Rentboy?”

  1. too much doobies, men, and poppers can make a miss’es go all diva, clearly it’s all a grandiose complex which could also be brought on by a mental related std? lol..see the youtube vids, and statements? gee, kid should of stuck in school..

  2. Really hoping I can fall in love with my price charming soon and live in a California king bed with a hott guy somewhere forever.
    A big bro that smokes weed and will give me hugs and kiss my lips.

    1. Hi handsome Jake!
      Just wondering what happened to your sexycamz site? Can’t seem to access the webpage.
      I hope things are still ok with you.

      All the best!-Rob. =)

  3. I am ok. I’m happy. I’m in LA staying at a five star hotel while apartment hunting.
    Me and my cat love Cali, and I loved Amsterdam.

    Porn couldn’t pay me enough to get me back, and I’m too good looking to care.

    I’m looking for someone to match what I’ve already put in the website, $38,000 as a equal 50/50 share of profits. If I find someone to barrow $38,000 from, then I can promise that person $50,000/ mo in profit.

  4. In one of his comments made in December 4th about the post of November 28th here in this very blog Jake Lions said: ” – I’m already back in the U.S. On my way out to Cali this month.” It’s just me or the names Amsterdam, Cali ( Colombia )and now Cliff Jansen make a certain sense…: ” Drug-mule”?

        1. It’s GOT to be true. For someone who’s so poor and broke and owes Corbin Fisher millions of dollars from a lawsuit, he sure gets around and travels a lot. Somebody’s paying for his ass one way or the other. His SexyCamz site ain’t exactly Cam4 or Flirt4Free!

  5. He’s very attractive.That being said, damn, I guess you can make a lot of money selling your “assets”.
    I am waaay too cheap to pay for sex. I’ll just put the donut down and get my ass back on the treadmill, and then I will have enough confidence to get me some for free.
    But good luck to Jake! =)

  6. Jake is a perfect example of why some porn stars need to be put in a psycho ward.Because after a few years of doing porn they start to lost their fucking minds.The problem with him is his has completely gone no where to be found I almost feel sorry for the fool.

  7. Karl Rove's Mama's Dead Vag

    Looking to be ripped off? Sounds like your man. How MORE(stupid &) useless would this guy be on weed? Probably have to fuck him while he is passed out. Hmmmm…raping while passed out…where is my 420 Lohan Limited coin purse? btw, has Mrs. Cliffetta Jensen seen this? pussy control! OH!

    1. Thank you for that. Very good, sir. Well played. I laughed a lot and will probably steal your wit and try to pass it off as my own. Thank you again :-)

      1. ” Drugs: Never ” !!!!!: L.O.L. Come on, Mary ( After your trip to Amsterdam ! ) Give me the truth.
        BTW: Marcus Mojo’s profile on Rentboy says his height is 1.80 m ( Ask Nikki D. a.k.a. Robo Ho ! : L.O.L. )

  8. I really never considered him all that bad looking, in fact he was kinda cute in a way. His scenes were never too thrilling though and it seemed like the studios splashed him on box covers like he was the next big thing and that was never the case. Then he started these crazy statements and now this rentboy shit. And these pix …he looks good despite being bat shit crazy. And yes despite the good lighting and angles of the pix…

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