James Jamesson Updated His Rentboy Ad With A New Pic

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30 thoughts on “James Jamesson Updated His Rentboy Ad With A New Pic”

  1. I think James is HAF, but he needs to bottom to keep my interest up. Still, a very delicious man. My tongue would have a ball on that creamy skin of his. Not to mention his stunning dick.

  2. Hot, and his strangeness is oddly sexy.

    But, nothing beats the early long-haired, clean-shaven Jameson of days past. I like a set of reins.

  3. I think he’ll do really well in a small niche SF market. Guys there are all about the sexy homeless/stinky pitt look. Best of luck James!

  4. Your obsessions are always so weird to me. They really span the spectrum from tiny twink to homeless level beard/hairiness.

    That beard looks dirty.

  5. I bet he makes a mint with clients who hire him with that lumberjack look a weekend to have sex with him in a cabin in the woods. When I watch the picture I can almost smell the scent of pine needles and lube.

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