james-manziel fucks michael santos

James Manziel Goes For An Endless Ride On Michael Santos

GayHoopla thinks this is one of their hottest scenes ever. And they may be right.

When the cameras turned off, James Manziel & Michael Santos were still so turned on they went for another round.

I am always circumspect of any studio supplied write up. But this time, GayHoopla’s words are backed up by the content that tells the same story.

James Manziel is hot. Michael Santos is hot.

And today unfolds like two star-crossed lovers having welcome home sex after being separated by a year apart.

james-manziel fucks michael santosEverything about this scene works. While a trademark of GayHoopla is their gonzo-esque approach to filming, they realized the magic in front of them today and brought it home to us with pole in hole close-ups not always in their bag of tricks. But today, James Manziel & Michael Santos deliver the goods without the need for any tricks. Just each other.

james-manziel fucks michael santosMid-rim, James had a question for Michael, “Can you do that to my ass?”

james-manziel fucks michael santosJames may be relatively “new-ish” to the Hoopla hotties, but you can’t tell that from the velocity of his leaking cock cutting through the air as he turns Michael’s fucking into a roller coaster ride.

james-manziel fucks michael santosJames blows his load all over his chest while he’s getting pounded but then Michael gets James back on all fours and fucks him more until he blows his own nut all over James’ back. And then there’s the bonus footage

[Watch “Rock Hard FUCK: James Manziel Rides Michael Santos” at GayHoopla]

If they keep this up, and Sean Cody keeps going down, GayHoopla has the potential to fill that vacuum. What say you?

4 thoughts on “James Manziel Goes For An Endless Ride On Michael Santos”

  1. Watching the handsome muscular hungry bottom James Manziel give up his fine booty to any top man is hot. Watching him give it up to the studly Michael Santos is off the charts hot.

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