In this week’s Social Snapshots, Jared shows us his dirty side, Thyle Knoxx explodes in our face, Drake Masters has a ballsy workout, the secret to the best poached eggs, and a peek at Trevor Miller’s groceries.

So much happens on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube that it’s easy to miss some of the highlights. Here’s some fun things from the last week or so on social media. Which post is your favorite? Let us know in the poll and comments below!

1. Jared Shaw is oh so dirty thirsty.

I need to watch this about 5,000 more time. Catch more of Jared at Bad Puppy!

2. Thyle Knoxx tells us to wait for it. (Spoiler alert: It’s worth the wait!)

“Do you ever come so good that you shiver afterwards?” Yeah, Thyle…I just did watching that gusher. See more of Thyle and his massive cock at

3. Drake Masters got legs. He knows how to use them.

Can I spot your crotch? (P.S., love the socks!) See more of Drake at Raging Stallion!

4. Joel Someone has a lot of fun behind the scenes.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I need some cock dancing lessons, please. See more of Joel at Missionary Boys!

5. Riley Mitchel has the best definition of “fun.”

Love the red eyes…they fit with his sucking super powers. Catch Riley at Raging Stallion’s Masturbation Station!

6. Owen Hawk has a great post-tennis routine.

Love those ground strokes! (And love how you Snap. That. Shit.) Catch more of Owen in action (as a performer and a director!).

7. Diggory has a tip for making eggs.

Poached has always been my favorite. Catch Diggory’s big uncut UK cock at TimTales!

8. Boomer Banks: Heads or tails?

Even if you lose, you win! Catch more of Boomer!

9. Honk if you love Gio Valentine’s cock.

It's literally the diameter of his steering wheel.

10. Tease of the Week: Alexander Kristov

Now that’s just cruel. See Alexander Hit It Then Quit It.

11. Damien Crosse and Twin Peaks?!

Damien Crosse

Two of my favorite things together!!! See Damien’s GayVN award-nominated scene from TimTales!

12. Trevor Miller likes the World’s Puffiest White Cheddar Corn Puffs from Trader Joe’s.

I mean, who doesn’t?! He’s probably hungry from that rough Pledge night.

13. Rocco Steele = funny

Can a hole with Rocco’s cock in it ever be tight?! See one of Rocco’s—and porn’s—hottest scenes ever.

14. Teddy Bear has a question. Ricky Larkin has an answer.

Nah, man…you’re a were-woof. Watch Teddy open up for Ryan Stone!

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