jason vario fucks bruce beckham titanmen

The Consequential Erection of Jason Vario

Bruce Beckham’s muscle ass plays welcome wagon to Jason Vario’s big dick.

TitanMen premiered “Cauke For Free” a couple of weeks ago giving us all a look at the good guys fighting the good fight. And one helluva scorcher of a flip fuck between a Marine (Alex Mecum) and former Senator Cauke (Matthew Bosch).

Just when we need it, they’re back with studio debut of Jason Vario opposite Bruce Beckham. This will end your blues and take care of your blue balls.

jason vario fucks bruce beckham titanmenIf you’re lucky enough to have Jason Vario look familiar to you, you may remember him as Kiern Duecan from NextDoorEbony. Just like studios, he’s upgraded his body as well. It’s not easy to hold your own against a mountain of a man like Bruce Beckham. The pairing is outstanding, the production is top-notch, and most importantly, the chemistry they are dripping in will have your cock doing the same.

jason vario fucks bruce beckham titanmenSpecial agent Bo Hunter (Jason Vario) is watching a carnal “erection” night when DC insider Seth Murray (Bruce Beckham) reaches around and rubs something big that arouses his interest. When humble kissing looks like this … well, fortunately, we don’t have to imagine just how hot the rest plays out. We get to see it for ourselves.

jason vario fucks bruce beckham titanmenAfter Seth cops that feel, he’s on his knees in a heartbeat. Lucky bastard!

jason vario fucks bruce beckham titanmenFrom his knees, it doesn’t take long for Agent Hunter to get Seth ass up. And on his back. And covered in two heavy loads of cum. Then he wipes them up and feeds to Seth who sucks those fingers clean. Erections have consequences; especially when you work for “Cauke”.

[Watch Bruce Beckham & Jason Vario in “Cauke For Free” scene three]

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