jason vario fucks gabriel cross

And Now, For The Big Dawgs

Jason Vario and Gabriel Cross are no slouches in the cock department to begin with. But they loom larger than ever today. It’s not camera trickery. It’s chemistry.

“Skuff: Dog House” comes to close today. With no disrespect to the scenes one, two, three, and four, Hot House definitely saved the best for last.

As with last week’s encounter, the puppy gear stays out of sight today as well allowing the full focus to be on two hot men: Jason Vario and Gabriel Cross.

The result is a master/sub, trainer/pup dynamic that sets the stage for a perfect pairing where dominance and obedience fuel their lust and quite likely, yours even if this sort of thing isn’t your usual flavor.

“Jason Vario has his pup slave, Gabriel Cross, on a tight leash. Jason wants Gabriel to do everything he says and the pup is more than willing to comply. First up is to worship Jason’s massive, uncut cock. Gabriel loves a challenge and spits and sucks as hard as he can, taking the whole monster dick deep down his throat.”

jason vario fucks gabriel crossGabriel taking Jason cock down deep the gullet is a mighty impressive sight. So is watching Gabriel’s uncut throbber aching while Jason licks, fingers, slaps, and spits his way forward.

jason vario fucks gabriel crossJason never eases up. Not for one second. Tip to balls with every thrust. This leaves Gabriel both breathless, leaking, and seemingly praying this could go on forever.

jason vario fucks gabriel cross“Skuff: Dog House” closes out appropriately when Jason bends Gabriel over for a doggie style finish. Jason pulls out to reward his pup with a mouthful of jizz. Then he swoops down and shares the bounty as Gabriel jacks out a load that pelts his abs while Jason’s tongue never leaves his throat. Every dog has their day. And this was an especially good one.

[Watch Gabriel & Jason in “Skuff: Dog House” scene five at Hot House]

I wouldn’t have put this scene in my wheelhouse on paper but thought it was hot AF and the pick of the litter. What did you think?

4 thoughts on “And Now, For The Big Dawgs”

    1. I see nothing even remotely disgusting except the preview is too short. I see two hot man. You don’t. OK. We get it. But that’s why there’s different strokes for different folks.

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