jason vario fucks logan moore

Logan Moore Is A Sweet Piece Of Ass

Whipped cream not from a can, but on the can is on the menu. But Logan Moore ultimately learns the sweetest load is the mammoth explosion Jason Vario covers his body with.

Last time, Tyler Roberts and Samuel Stone brought champagne and strawberries into the mix.

Today, Logan Moore and Jason Vario complete the dessert with the help of some homemade whipped cream.

We’ve seen the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth scenes so far.

And now, “Hungry For Moore” from Falcon comes to a sticky, and a cum-filled close.

jason vario fucks logan moore“Logan Moore is whipping up a surprise dessert in the kitchen when Jason Vario comes home from a long day at work. Jason loves that Logan is so thoughtful and gives him a kiss that quickly leads to Jason unbuttoning his shirt and pants. Logan can see that Jason is ready for action and gets down to his knees to help Jason relax.”

jason vario fucks logan mooreAfter Logan discovers that Jason’s big, uncut dick tastes even sweeter with a big dollop of whipped cream, Jason makes the same discovery about Logan’s hole.

jason vario fucks logan mooreJason props Logan’s hole up high so he can plunge even deeper with every thrust.

jason vario fucks logan mooreLogan gets on his back to give Jason full leverage on his prostate. That’s all it takes for Logan to unload all over himself. Immediately after, Jason pulls out and fires off the biggest load I have ever seen him shoot. With Logan covered in cum, Jason bends down to seal their union with a kiss as “Hungry For Moore” comes to a close.

[Watch Logan & Jason in “Hungry For Moore” scene six at Falcon]


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