“It’s Coming”. And Two Massive Cum Shots? They’re Cumming Too.

Who should really be scared is Lorenzo Flexx. He’s cumming too. But in his case, it’s more like a sped-up version of glacial ice cap melting.

“It’s Coming” from Raging Stallion is picking up from last week’s premiere with a new pair playing the game: who can hold out longest in the dilapidated house that was once the scene of a horrific crime, wins.

Jack Hunter and Damien Stone gave it up to each other, then gave up on the bet.

How will Jason Vario and Lorenzo Flexx do today?

This we know from the onset: Lorenzo has bigger things to be scared of than a ghost.

jason vario fucks lorenzo flexxEver the boy scout, helpful, loyal, & trustworthy Lorenzo will do anything to please his buddy — as long that means getting his dick wet at the same time. Soon as they waste each other out of their clothes, Lorenzo wastes no time in “being a friend.”

jason vario fucks lorenzo flexxAfter being ridden hard and in near darkness, Lorenzo churns out heavy, slow-motion load as white as artic snow and moving at about the same pace. As for our boy scout, he stands between Lorenzo’s legs and just lets his fly in one mighty rip.

jason vario fucks lorenzo flexxLorenzo already won by getting fucked by Jason alone and is ready to bail. Jason isn’t so sure. Who will be the last one left?
Watch this blog.

[Watch Lorenzo & Jason in “It’s Coming” scene two at Raging Stallion]


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