jason vario fucks sean duran

Cops & Throbbers

By the time Federal Marshall Jason Vario & local Lt. Sean Duran finish their big dick contest, it becomes clear why cops came to be called pigs.

Another definition that gets reaffirmed today: perfect casting. A jacked up Sean Duran and his hungry glutes were made for Jason Vario’s big dick and the muscle behind it.

In the second scene from “Trapped” from Raging Stallion, it’s Tegan Zayne’s disappearance has the county patrol flummoxed. Big city cop Jason Vario was sent in to get to the bottom of the matter but ended up getting in the bottom of Sean Duran all the way down to his balls.

jason vario fucks sean duranEach feeling a little stepped on, Sean and Jason disagree on how to tackle finding Tegan. Their words get heated. Sean tells Jason a federal badge doesn’t give him the right to be so cocky. When Jason says he’s cocky by nature, Sean’s eyebrows raise as his knees hit the ground.

jason vario fucks sean duranNot that Sean is any slouch himself when it comes to the dick department, but Jason’s fat, long, uncut shaft proves to be even tastier than it looks.

jason vario fucks sean duranThough when it comes to tasty, Jason felt the same way about that about Sean’s sweet, hairy hole.

jason vario fucks sean duranJust check out Sean’s throbber as Jason pounds him with the proverbial reality of the long arm of the law.

jason vario fucks sean duranJason’s full-throttle anal excursion is in full swing as he makes Sean explode. Then Jason pulls out and drains his balls all over Sean’s freshly fucked cheeks. Now that is what you call in-depth police work. Oink.

[Watch Sean & Jason in “Trapped” scene three at Raging Stallion]

If Jason Vario ever decided to give up that glorious ass, who would you like to see doing the plucking?

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