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Jason Vario Flexx’s His Muscle

It’s not just that Lorenzo Flexx gets to oil down Jason’s body as it glistens in the sun. Once he’s all lubed up, Jason has somewhere to go … and Lorenzo can’t wait.

With Jason Vario and Lorenzo Flexx on deck, no one needs to ask “where’s the ‘Beef'”?

It’s spread out, slicked up, and ready to fuck as far the eye can see.

They take over from Daymin Voss and Liam Knox from last week as TitanMen serves us up a second helping of “Beef”.

jason vario lorenzo flexx titanmen“Out of the pool, Jason Vario stands over Lorenzo Flexx, who oils the alpha’s muscles. He works the stud’s legs, freeing Jason’s uncut cock. Lorenzo massages his ass, Jason’s dick getting harder as it rubs Lorenzo’s chest.”

jason vario lorenzo flexx titanmenI usually find rimming the top of a scene pretty pointless. But I will make an exception when it comes to the beefy, delicious globes that giver Jason one of the most beckoning, inviting asses on the planet. He’s only bottomed once lately. I hope that changes soon. But for today, the roles are as they should be.

jason vario lorenzo flexx titanmenJason returns the favor and once Lorenzo’s hole is slicked and winking, a solid dicking is just what Jason delivers.

jason vario lorenzo flexx titanmenThe pent-up pressure soon as Lorenzo delivering too. As in delivering his load all over his hairy abs. Jason has a huge blast brewing himself. First, he pulls out, then he takes a taste of his seed before letting it rip all over Lorenzo.

[Watch Lorenzo & Jason in “Beef” scene two at TitanMen]


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