Jason Vario & Lorenzo Flexx: This Is What Chemistry Looks Like

With a dick that big, Jason Vario physically connects with all his partners. But the added emotional connection today with Lorenzo Flexx is evident in the first frame and escalates all the way to the last one.

The “Consequential Erection” of Jason Vario first crossed our paths in his scene with Bruce Beckham in “Cauke for Free”. Then there was that epic cum rip he pelted Bruno Bernal with.

Today’s scene with TitanMen exclusive Lorenzo Flexx from “2 Men Kiss” with Jason has elements of both of those, plus the kind of connection between them that jumps through the blue screen and makes you hard, and bit jealous, at the same time.

jason vario lorenzo flexx titanmenIt doesn’t happen very often, but once a blue moon a scene comes along that makes me forget I work in porn altogether and just become a fan again. Director Jasun Mark outdid himself today in creating the kind of environment that lets Jason and Lorenzo shine: first in the cool blue water, then in a pool that is hot and white.

jason vario lorenzo flexx titanmen“2 Men Kiss” lives up to its title again today. You could even consider it a gateway activity.

jason vario lorenzo flexx titanmenThat fake rimming where the tongue just flaps around for the camera is the opposite of what we see today.

jason vario lorenzo flexx titanmenWhen passion and primal intersect, this is what it looks like.

Jason fucks a heavy load out of Lorenzo than send his own nut flying all over him. Jason rubs it in then licks it off him before “2 Men Kiss” has one last kiss. Encore. Encore!

[Watch Lorenzo Flexx & Jason Vario in “2 Men Kiss” scene four]

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