jason vario matthew bosch spit roast luke adams

All Aboard The Fuck Train

Sandwiched between the prodigious, uncut schlongs of Jason Vario and Matthew Bosch, all Luke Adams could do was bend that apple butt and say “all aboard.”

And yes, the fuck train is cumming as “West Park & Ride”, the Joe Gage directed holiday special movie from TitanMen comes to a close.

Matthew Bosch was legs up for Dakota Rivers in the first scene. Then it was Luke Adams bending over for Tex Davidson’s nine-incher.

Last week, it was Jeremy Spreadums who is was spreading for Jason Vario. Today, it’s Jason and Luke having some quality time when Matthew crashed the party. He and Jasun spit-roast Luke as the “West Park & Ride” pulls into the station one final time.

jason vario matthew bosch spit roast luke adams“Undercover agents Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario confront a surprised Luke Adams: ‘You’re the man we’ve been looking for.’ But they get an offer from the desperate criminal, who wants leniency from the judge — and is quickly slurping on their huge uncut cocks to prove it.”

jason vario matthew bosch spit roast luke adamsMatthew Bosch has more than enough cock and foreskin to feed an army. Or cocksmiths like Luke or Jason.

jason vario matthew bosch spit roast luke adamsLuke was eager to prove his multi-tasking skills and Jason and Matthew gave him plenty of opportunities to do so.

jason vario matthew bosch spit roast luke adamsI am not sure what the gun laws are in the Lone Star State, but I am sure of this: Luke, Jason, and Matthew all left the “West Park & Ride” with smiles and empty balls.

[Watch Luke, Matthew, and Jason in “West Park & Ride” scene four at TitanMen]


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