Jaxton Wheeler Sean Duran

Jaxton Wheeler & Sean Duran Are Cumming To Blows

As if we didn’t know it all along: those Second Amendment gun-lover activists are just a bunch of suckers.

Good ole’ boys Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran are excited to get to the “Gun Show”.

So excited, it went right down to their dicks.

Ain’t right to walk around masses of gun-loving patriots fully cocked and loaded.

Sean and Jaxton are burly, big dicked men. But all that testosterone carries a calling card. There are too many vigilantes roaming around to risk even a fast jerk in the truck. Whatever will they do?

Jaxton Wheeler Sean DuranThey spot an empty storage room and head to opposite corner. “What the fuck are you doing, ya faggot?” Jaxton snarls when Sean drops to his knees. But as soon as his dick goes into Sean’s mouth, “don’t you dare fucking stop,” is what comes out of Jaxton’s.

Jaxton Wheeler Sean Duran“It’s your turn now,” Sean declares. Jaxton didn’t seem to like the idea but was soon slurping down every inch. You know what they say about a sucker, there’s one born every minute. Happy Birthday, Jaxton. Now keeping blowing that candle.

Jaxton Wheeler Sean DuranSean blows past Sean’s shaft down to his balls and taint and soon finds his black beard is the landing field for Sean’s white load.

Jaxton Wheeler Sean DuranWith his face still smeared with Sean’s DNA, Jaxton has Sean assume the positionrelief they needed only to find they have a new problem. I wonder what booth at this “Gun Show” is selling cum rags?

[Watch Jaxton & Sean in “Gun Show” scene four at Raging Stallion]

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