Jay Landford Returns a Year Later to Fuck Colt Rivers at Men.com

You’ll recall that sexy Jay Landford made his Randy Blue debut in October 2013, but after a couple scenes where he plowed Josh Conners, plowed Justin Owen, plowed Andres Moreno, and bottomed for Patrick Dunne, he kind of disappeared.

But his first scene with Men.com is out today, and in it he’s fucking eager West Hollywood “houseboy” Colt Rivers, who’s trying to get revenge on his nemesis Luke Adams by fucking Luke’s ex, Jay. In Real Houseboys of West Hollywood Part 1 we had Luke in bed with Alex Lebue, who was in this scenario Colt’s boyfriend, or something, even though they’re all supposed to be houseboys. Part 2 had houseboy Will Braun getting together with gardener Bennett Anthony for an afternoon fuck, so that was less upstairs-downstairs than it was the help fucking the help.

Now we have Part 3, and Jay Landford just gets to lie there to start when Colt shows up to fuck him.

Is anyone else tired of these Real Housewives/reality TV spoof premises? If it’s not Dirk Caber as a creepy step-dad or someone fucking their straight best friend, it’s some kind of reality TV spoof. But I guess they did make some Amish porn, and you can’t make seven scenes a week without running out of ideas at some point.












[Men.com: Real Houseboys of West Hollywood Part 3]


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