Jayden Marcos as a Service Station Mechanic? God Yes

Just when I thought I couldn’t lust after Jayden Marcos any more than I already do, Next Door puts him in auto mechanic coveralls, throws a backwards hat on him and has the stud wink at me in his shop. This is going to get very messy very quickly!

Yes, porn scenarios and dialogue are cheesy, but dammit if this one doesn’t work. Cute and preppy Alex Tanner shows up at the auto shop without his car…and flirts with Jayden for some “blinker fluid” (wink wink). The blue collar/white collar dynamic is in full force here, and these two are freaking adorable as they sell the scenario. (Also, can we take a moment to drool over Alex with his rock solid jock bod and that thick ginger slab?! Yum!)

Jayden Marcos, Alex Tanner Jayden Marcos, Alex Tanner

Jayden closes the shop so the two can get a better look at their pipes, and soon they’re slobbeirng all over each other’s cocks. The site of drool dripping from Alex’s mouth as he gets face fucked by Jayden’s thick slab is my favorite shot here, and even Jayden gets nice and wet when he sucks his admirer back (okay, so Jayden uses too much hand, but I forgive him!).

Jayden Marcos, Alex Tanner Jayden Marcos, Alex Tanner

Jayden then munches the stud’s smooth hole before fucking him doggy, then the bottom sits down on Jayden’s stick shift and rides (staying stiff as steel as he does it…another great shot). Alex also takes it on his back (again, staying rock hard), then gets on his knees to take a facial before Jayden wipes it up with his auto shop rag.

Jayden Marcos, Alex Tanner Jayden Marcos, Alex Tanner

Love these two together…one of my favorite Jayden scenes!

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


6 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos as a Service Station Mechanic? God Yes”

  1. Alex Tanner is nice to look at, but he’s annoying af. The previous scene I saw, he was with Ian Holmes. It’s a hot scene until he opens his mouth to talk or moan. His voice is just annoying.

  2. Universal Potentate

    So … LOVE Jayden. I like his acting and stage presence. The sex itself is boring. I have seen a few of his scenes and I want him to do more … I dunno … various pelvic motions or deeper thrusts maybe. Bo Sinn (love him or hate him) seems like a GOOD top. Some guys just throw their back into it. And I’ve seen Jayden do it before a little but he needs a little more “dive into it” or “this ass is MINE!”
    He’s like 95% perfect.

  3. Jayden is hot & popular due to his versatility. My fav scene is his flip flop w/ Carter Woods in the frat series @ Next Door Studios- “I Won’t Tell If You Won’t”. He is not a gay for pay actor but a bisexual one. He started off as gay for pay.

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