Jayden Marcos, Ian Holms

Jayden Marcos As a Total Bottom: Discuss

We love Jayden Marcos and his big dick, and so do you. You love seeing him getting stroked by his frat bro, getting sucked by his other frat bro, getting rock hard as he eats ass, and plowing a rock hard bottom. But how do we feel when he just bottoms?

We’ve certainly seen it before, but we haven’t seen it much—especially in 2022. And we usually see Jayden bend over as part of a flip scene, like that gorgeous pairing with Justin Matthews. But in his newest scene, Jayden is all bottom.

Jayden Marcos, Ian Holms Jayden Marcos, Ian Holms

He’s paired with hunky Ian Holms, who is almost unrecognizable from when we saw him in his Raging Stallion debut last year getting fucked by Reign. Ian is furrier in the body and face, and looking more daddy and wooftastic than ever before.

Jayden Marcos, Ian Holms Jayden Marcos, Ian Holms

In this scene, the two play straight social media influencers who gain clout by pretending to be gay. But when they’ve been exposed and canceled, they decide that the best way to deal with the backlash is to prove that they’re gay and make a porno (a decision I support…and yes, the parallels with gay-for-pay performers in porn is pretty apparent).

Jayden Marcos, Ian Holms Jayden Marcos, Ian Holms

The two swap sucks (thank the lord that Jayden’s thick dick gets some attention!), and then Jayden opens up his hole for Ian, who has bottomed more than topped since joining the industry last year—making for an intriguing double role reversal. Do you like Jayden on bottom?

See the full scene at Disruptive Films!


14 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos As a Total Bottom: Discuss”

  1. I’d love to see handsome and sexy Jayden Marcos become a bottom only guy and give awesome Ruslan Angelo and Bastian Karim some serious competition.

  2. loved this scene disruptive is a great site Ian Holms is a sexy stud and Jayden bottoming was hot as well maybe next scene Ian will bottom

  3. his bisexual and personal i like it when he tops more its way more of a turn on for me

    anyway who really cares if his straight or bi or gay anyone would love to have his cock inside them anyway

    1. He doesn’t like to bottom. He’s being paid to do it. He wouldn’t be doing it if he was getting paid

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