Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone

Jayden Marcos Offers Up His Hot Hole to Cutie Kam Stone

In his short studio career so far, cute newcomer Kam Stone has fucked Ryder Owens and Trevor Harris, and now he’s back for another hot Next Door ass in Jayden Marcos!

The pairing comes as part of this Next Door Films scene, which means we also get to see both studs show off their acting ability in this nearly hour-long scene. Kam’s fuck buddy Andrew Miller (looking hot with his hairy chest, but here just for the story) has to cut off the fun, so Kam considers mutual friend Jayden as a new option.

Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone

Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone

The buildup happens during a weekend of fun where the trio swims, horses around and talks about sex—with Kam finally working up the courage to run the idea by Jayden. Thankfully he’s into it, and soon the two strip down and swap sucks and rim jobs, with Jayden then offering up his ass for a fuck—stroking his big dick as he takes it on his back and also when he sits down on Kam’s hot cock.

Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone

Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone Jayden Marcos, Kam Stone

Do you like Jayden scenes where he doesn’t top? Do you think we’ll ever see Kam bottom?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


19 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos Offers Up His Hot Hole to Cutie Kam Stone”

  1. Jayden Marcos: I think he could make the chest tattoo smaller. It’s very big and purple, so it’s very distracting. Maybe removing some parts. And I don’t think he needs any more tattoos. It’s really enough. Amazing face and body.
    Kam Stone: Very handsome.

    1. Well look here…. The miserable piece of shit who constantly reprimands others for leaving negative comments has no problem doing the same. What a pathetic hypocrite you are. No one likes you, so please leave, and never return to this site.

  2. I tried to remember which mainstream actor does Jayden remind me of. Now I remember. Chris Mulky. The father in the old series, “Any Day Now”. He played Annie Potts husband Colliar Sims. Not a bad thing since at the time Mulky was good looking in a fatherly way.

    1. That’s MULKEY.

      He was also on TWIN PEAKS and in the movie ALL NIGHT LONG with Barbra Streisand and Gene Hackman.

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