jd phoenix first flip fuck nakedsword

JD Phoenix’s First Flip Fuck Is Worth Flipping Over

JD Phoenix is already in the holiday mode. Today he shows Jackson Fillmore that yes indeed, it’s as good to give as it is to receive.

The golden cakes of JD Phoenix have been called “the ass that launched a thousand loads.” And that’s just counting his co-stars, not the rest of us.

NakedSword Originals is in the holiday mode too. It’s difficult to whittle down JD’s best moments on the blue screen to just a quartet, but they managed to select his four championships encounters in “Phoenix Rising”.

jd phoenix first flip fuck nakedsword“The ass that launched a thousand loads.” Let’s take a moment and appreciate the rear assets of one of the very best bottoms in the business.

jd phoenix first flip fuck nakedswordHis partner in crime today is Jackson Fillmore. Quite the name for a porn star. And he lives up to it today in every possible application of the word both as a noun and a verb.

jd phoenix first flip fuck nakedswordThis was from the opening scene of “Biggest Catch” from NakedSword Originals, titled “Daddy’s Watching”. JD runs into Jackson at Steamworks in Berkeley. Jackson has a rich daddy who wants to see to see a live sex show. Like a couple of pigs behind the plexiglass, the show begins with a display of JD rimming his way into Jackson’s g-spot.

2-fillmorephoenixJackson fucks the hell out of him until JD decides it’s his turn. Though his surname isn’t Fillmore, that’s exactly what he does as well.

jd phoenix first flip fuck nakedswordAs you can see below, JD greedily sucks up every drop of Jackson’s load. Then as you can see above, he blasts his nut all over Jackson’s freshly fucked hole. And as you will see at end of the scene, he slurps up every drop right from Jackson’s crack. After all, once you have a “Phoenix Rising”, there’s only one way to get him to cum down.

[Watch Jackson & JD in “Phoenix Rising” scene three at NakedSword]

Make sure you don’t miss a drop …

jd phoenix first flip fuck nakedsword“Phoenix Rising” scene 1: JD & Rocco Steele from “Sexperiment”
“Phoenix Rising” scene 2: JD & Vadim Black from “Fuck You, I’m Infamous”

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