Jersey Score 2: Hollyweird!

What’s the best way to make a Jersey Shore sequel and still disguising that your cameras have never actually stepped foot near the the boardwalk? Have the characters take a trip to Hollywood, only minutes from your beach side set in the Valley!



Just jokes! I totally have a boner!


(BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Not one to leave a trending topic unturned, award-winning director Chris Steele has just announced production on “Anthony’s Weener,” a XXX parody of sexual congress! I will be auditioning for Huma! I will not get laid!)


16 thoughts on “Jersey Score 2: Hollyweird!”

  1. I tried to watch the first one but it was shot so weird…the sex looked like it was being shot by a retarded film student. Or Snooki.

  2. Not sure what Jimmy Clay is doing, but for some stupid reason Derrik Vinyard is topping. He shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near the set for the sequel. I would not have minded if Dean Coxxx reprised his role as The Stimulation, especially now since he has bottomed on film before.

    1. When and for whom did Dean Coxx bottom? I must have missed that one! I wish he was in the sequel, too, along with Kevin Cavallie.

      1. He did it briefly on SCM and also on his website . I have to warn you though he is a VERY broing bottom , he makes sutre that he doesn’t look like he is enjoying it at all so that we are convinced that he’s 100% straight.

  3. Has this video been released yet? Does anyone know what Jimmy Clay and Derrick Vinyard are doing in it, like topping or bottoming?

  4. guido trash at it’s worst! I bet when the mothers of this jerks see this they will say: “Why did i forget my birth control pill!?”, and the fathers will cry: “Why did I not wear a condom!?”.

  5. Well I see the training at Juillard and the MFA’s at Yale Drama have paid off big time for these guys. Will a Chekhov play be too far behind?

  6. Jimmy COxx/Clay is the only hot guy in this.
    Derrick is not that fat , but he must have juiced up in the past or something . It’s not normal at his age to have 3 chins and no neck . I must say though , he really has that redneck accent down!!!LOL

  7. You must realize “protecting and promoting” PC’s upcoming book is very time consuming. You can’t really expect a guy to do all of that AND be like CREATIVE. Just keeping take of multiple personalities (like Will G and Chinchilla Jim) has to be in and of itself very exhausting.

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