Adrian Hart, Cade Maddox

Jesus Christ With All These Abs!

In the debut of Falcon’s new Born to Porn, we’re so blinded by the chiseled stomachs of Cade Maddox and Adrian Hart, we barely even notice their big dicks. (Okay, not really, but still…)

This behind-the-scenes, documentary-style erotic feature takes you backstage and focuses on the real lives of porn performers, who open up in compelling fashion. Co-directors Steve Cruz and Leo Forte dive deep into the lives of these porn stars and explore their motivations for performing, its impact on their lives and the pros and cons of navigating that territory in a fast-changing world where social media is the main platform.

Adrian Hart, Cade Maddox Adrian Hart, Cade Maddox

In the opener, we get to see the gorgeous smiles of Cade Maddox and Adrian Hart as they share of themselves (I love when we get to see more of Cade’s personality burst through, and he shines here). Cade is sitting poolside getting his girthy cock sucked by Adrian. While the cameras roll, Adrian works Cade’s massive dick with his mouth, savoring every last inch.

Adrian Hart, Cade Maddox Adrian Hart, Cade Maddox

After getting his taste of cock, Adrian gets bent over and rimmed deep by Cade’s hungry tongue. Switching positions, they move from the pool and Cade inserts his fat cock deep into Adrian’s ass. I LOVE the sequence with Adrian sitting down on Cade’s beast, the top gripping the bottom’s muscular butt cheeks and spreading them so we can see his cock destroy that smooth hole.

Adrian Hart, Cade Maddox Adrian Hart, Cade Maddox

Adrian gets pumped bareback full of Cade’s award-winning cock. Cade paints Adrian’s hole with his milk and rams his cock back in until his massive dick hits Adrian’s prostate just right, and Adrian blows a load all over his rock-hard abs (and there’s a LOT of them!).

See the full scene at Falcon!

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