jimmy durano derek bolt hot house

Jimmy Durano Has Derek Bolt On A Very Short Leash

Not just a short leash, but in a cage. But the collar comes off when Jimmy’s fat dick starts calling the shots.

That beefy ass and hungry hole of Derek Bolt are two of the more under-appreciated properties in gay porn. But not with Falcon Studios Group exclusive Jimmy Durano around.

The big cocked Brazilian sees exactly what he likes in Derek: a muscle bottom ready to serve. And in this fourth scene from “Skuff 5: Rough Trade” from Hot House, Jimmy is ready to take.

jimmy durano derek bolt hot houseIn the Hot House tradition of sexual depravity, this scene fully realizes the interplay between master and sub with a gritty authenticity made possible by Derek’s ability to become a slave to the cock. Not just any cock. Jimmy Durano’s. “Have you been a good boy?” Jimmy asks. Then he snaps on a leash and leads him out the cage. On hands and knees. Like a dog.

jimmy durano derek bolt hot houseAfter a spit-laden skull fucking, Jimmy dives face first deep into Derek’s crack. Boss man is satisfied. So is doq boy. But not for long.

jimmy durano derek bolt hot houseBegging to be dicked, Jimmy bends him over and thrusts that big meat deep inside in a long fast plunge. Then he starts picking up speed.

jimmy durano derek bolt hot houseThe sling provides Jimmy full access and he takes it. Just like Derek takes every thrust until the pummeling makes him explode. Jimmy’s heavy load pelts down on him like a thunder storm. A forceful twist to his boy’s nips is how Jimmy ends this walk in the sex dungeon’s dog park.

[Watch Derek Bolt & Jimmy Durano in “Rough Trade” scene four]

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