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Jimmy Durano Gives Us A Big Reason To Look Forward to “Leg Day”

But after this, no one will be looking forward to leg day more than Landon Mycles.

What sets “The Trainer” from Hot House apart from the usual gym-themed fare is that rather than use working out simply as a segue for action, it takes capitalizes on it.

It redirects the intensity of a work and channels the resulting testosterone and endorphins for the purpose they were intended: hot, sweaty sex.

jimmy durano landon mycles hot house“The Trainer” from picks up where we left off last week with Falcon Studios Group Sebastian Kross and Rex Cameron, this time with fellow exclusive Jimmy Durano and Landon Mycles as trainer and client. Jimmy Durano is a sprawling manscape of muscle. Those nutcracker quads and the world-class glutes look almost as hot in spandex as they do pummeling Landon’s ass.

jimmy durano landon mycles hot houseLandon chowing down on Jimmy’s fat Brazilian dick is one helluva way to conduct a post-workout cool down. But Landon’s hole was getting jealous. He spreads his ass and invites Jimmy to dive in tongue first. Invitation accepted.

jimmy durano landon mycles hot houseWhere Jimmy’s tongue goes, his dick soon follows. The deep pounding from Jimmy’s fat, uncut throbber is prolonged, intense, and leaves them both covered in sweat.

jimmy durano landon mycles hot houseFlipping Landon on his back, Jimmy’s jackhammering has Landon blowing his load all over his abs. Jimmy’s isn’t far behind. Only like a good trainer, he aims higher.

[Watch Jimmy Durano and Landon Mycles in “The Trainer” scene two]

3 thoughts on “Jimmy Durano Gives Us A Big Reason To Look Forward to “Leg Day””

  1. It’s always great to see the beautiful, muscular, sexy and personable Landon Mycles havin hot sex. It’s an added plus, for me, when I see they are using a condom.

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