jj knight fucks ian greene

“One Of The Biggest Ones I’ve Scene”

Ian Greene is young, but he’s seen a cock or two. Today, he gets more than up close and personal with JJ Knight’s donkey dick. He gets downright “Intimate” with it.

What turns men on and what do they like to do when they’re behind closed doors is something we’ve all wondered for years. The ante is upped when we’re talking about porn stars. What turns on those men who turn the rest of us?

“Intimate”, the new DVD from Falcon pulls back the curtain. Who likes it soft and tender? Who needs it hard and rough? Director Tony Dimarco exposes their passionate fantasies as we take an “Intimate” look at the private sex lives of these lucky seven:

Falcon Studios Group exclusive (FSGe) JJ Knight  |  FSGe Ryan Rose  |  Ian Greene

jj knight fucks ian greene

“Intimate” is when passion transcends lusty physical instincts. It debuts today with JJ Knight and Ian Greene
jj knight fucks ian greeneBeing “Intimate” has taken a new focus for JJ Knight and he and FSGe Brent Corrigan announced their engagement. JJ was able to channel those feelings of the heart and express them on the blue screen in the sexual electricity he focuses on Ian Greene today. The last time we saw Ian, he was a cum covered mess after being spit-roasted by Sean Duran and John Ander. Today with JJ it isn’t fast and frantic. It’s a sensual, simmering encounter where attraction leads a new level of connectedness.

jj knight fucks ian greeneIan liberates JJ’s cock from the confines of his tighty whiteys like he’s unwrapping a birthday present he’s been waiting all year for. JJ slides down Ian’s briefs with the same reverence.

jj knight fucks ian greeneThey are joined at one set of lips while JJ’s cock teases Ian’s crack before flipping Ian around for a rimsky-nine. One more flip and Ian starts sliding up and down on JJ’s tower like he never wants to let it go.

jj knight fucks ian greeneJJ moves them to the floor and moves his cock right back into Ian. With JJ still pounding, Ian lets loose all over his abs. And as you can see, JJ lets loose all over Ian’s face. Then he swoops in and helps clean up the mess. And things don’t get much more “Intimate” than that.

[Watch Ian & JJ in “Intimate” scene one at Falcon]

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