jj knight fucks josh conners falcon

Horse Hung JJ Knight Cums Like A Bull All Over Josh Conners

By the end of the night, both JJ Knight’s blue balls and Josh Conners’ gag reflex are history.

It hasn’t been a “Wild Weekend” for Falcon Studios Group exclusive JJ Knight. Yet. His buddy Wesley Woods nailed the Austrian hottie with the love doll lips the first night. The semen floating in the hot tub told everyone what Dustin Holloway and Paul Canon had been up to. JJ even heard Brute, his visiting British cousin, got some that morning.

Out at the bar near their vacation home in Russian River, JJ Knight spots Josh Conners cruising the hallway and staring at his crotch. JJ’s “Wild Weekend” is about to begin.

jj knight fucks josh conners falconAnd while JJ and Josh are repurposing the backroom into a temporary lust shack, cousin Brute walked in the door with his prized breakfast catch, Ryan Rose. Ryan was JJ’s best friend and college roommate. JJ wished they had gotten even closer. But for now, that dark corner and a hot boy on his knees is about to conquer JJ’s most pressing need.

jj knight fucks josh conners falconThey don’t just kiss. They tongue fuck with an intensity that foreshadows the pounding that is about to go down. But the first thing to go down is Josh. JJ’s junk is bloated to a massive size even for him. Josh immediately inhales that cock right down to the balls. And not just once.

jj knight fucks josh conners falconNot that JJ’s dick doesn’t deserve all of the accolades afforded to that prized pole, but the magic JJ can work with his tongue on a deserving hole doesn’t get the usually get the recognition it deserves. Josh is finding that out in the best way possible.

jj knight fucks josh conners falconSpitting on his dick, he bends Josh and takes that beautiful butt with long, deep strokes. JJ strips off their shirts mid-fuck and only stops for a quick kiss as he flips Josh on back.

jj knight fucks josh conners falconJJ’s dick slices right back into Josh all the way to until his balls meet Josh’s cheeks. Over and over again. Reaching critical mass, Josh kneels to receive his reward. This is just the first of five heavy cum rips that coat Josh’s neck, chin, and chest — with smaller showers in between. Then Josh gives the floor its reward for not buckling underneath them.

[Watch JJ Knight & Josh Conners in “Wild Weekend” scene four at Falcon]

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